Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 4 tracklist confirms features and more

Lil Wayne's <i>Tha Carter 4</i> tracklist confirms features and more

After many fake tracklist’s surfacing we’ve finally got our hands on Tha Carter IV’s official track listing, confirming features from Drake, Jadakiss, Shyne and more. Check it out after the jump or click here for the full story.

1. Intro
2. Blunt Blowin
3. MegaMan
4. 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz)
5. Nightmares Of The Bottom
6. She Will (Feat. Drake)
7. How To Hate (Feat. T-Pain)
8. Interlude (Feat. Tech N9ne)
9. John (Feat. Rick Ross)
10. Abortion
11. So Special (Feat. John Legend)
12. How To Love
13. President Carter
14. Its Good (Feat. Drake & Jadakiss)
15. Outro (Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)

16. I Like The View
17. Mirror
18. Two Shots

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  • Joe

    The only other reason this could be fake is the absence of a track called “Wayne’s World.” The song was confirmed by Wayne in a Rolling Stone interview, but then again the song could’ve been scraped. Either way I’m pumped for C4.

  • Breezy

    Promising, very promising…lookin forward this dis!

  • mikematic81

    ‘they love me’ could be like a sarcastic titel for a diss song?! Would be dope! Away… Tracklist looklooks pretty dope. I dont care about 2 many features. As long as there good im happy.

  • loVeRboIiI777

    @joe : maybe the name of wayneworld is chaged into some other name also

  • beast

    ahhh i cant wait till the album drop. the song titles sound fye, i just hope it lives up to it repretation

  • @_tetfemal_

    wayne is OVER-RATED!!!!

  • JAZZ

    Wayne FELL OFF and thats that

    • http://URL cam

      Wayne aint fall off, hes at the top of his game, and hes the hardest work man in hip-hop

  • spajson

    yeah, but it could be code like windows longhorn -> win vista xD

  • jc

    lol I KNEWWWW someone would comment about wayne being overrated. well thank you 5,000th person to get on a wayne article and leave your thoughts that no one cares about. lol get off it c4 gonna be amazing

  • Chris

    Where’s Thats What They Call, I Hate Love, and You Da Shit?

  • Chris

    Oh yeah and “You and I”… This is obviously fake

  • Joel

    Why the fuck would someone leak the album thats so stupid, now the release date has been pushed until june 21st

  • dominic

    this is jus a gdo tracklist with a sick callabo,cnt wait til its out

  • http://URL BUNERRDAY

    What does C4 stand for?

    • http://tWITTER.COM/LYRICALPHANT0M Phantom

      C4= Tha Carter IV(4)

  • http://URL marcus stott

    i cant wait till dat c4 come out and then c5
    yaw kno wayne is the best

  • http://URL hot2 def


  • http://URL Nameweez4 prez

    nigga no how 2 throw a beat he gonna be at top again when dis get out how he overrated best artist out right now

  • http://URL David

    tech n9hne!!!

  • http://URL Tj

    IM just waitin for the fuckin cd to drop.

  • http://URL Smilezz

    what about the song talk to me? where did that come from i heard it like the beginning of the year but it had a different title will that be on the cd?

  • http://URL Denzy

    It doesn’t really matter what the hell is on there I’m getting it!!!!!!

  • Sam

     LOVE THA CARTER 4…..i am getting it the 1st day

  • Sam

     LOVE THA CARTER 4…..i am getting it the 1st day

  • Trina12009

    lil wayne tha best rapper alive

    • Thann65

      hes good but no where near the best rapper alive

      • Ezackery13

        tht nigga iz da best raper alive

        • Strange_livin

          sorry but until he holds the title “# 1 independant rapper in the world” than you cant say that! long live tech n9ne.. cuz he IS the best

        • Alec ThompSin Thompson

          You’re stupid as fuck then. You obviously haven’t heard of Hopsin, SwizZz, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, YelaWolf, The Jokerr, GrewSum….should I stop? No? Still not convinced? Twisted Insane, Lo Key, Stitchez, Two Clipz and Razor Ruckus. I think you got the point.

          • Dew24

            Come on now man. Eminem is top 3 yes. Busta top 10 maybeeee, and the joker is a beast but all the other ones arent even big time..including the joker. Im a huge rap fan and i feel like its hard to believe that they’re the best if ive never heard of em.

          • Dew24

            Forgot about tech n9ne. Hes basically still underground and he’s been around for yearssss. Hes ok at max.

      • LIL_WayneFAN

        SCrew you, he is the freakin best!

      • Darius

        shut upp u fag 

        • Djhitmanjalabi

          fuck urself

    • Strange_livin

      extremely wrong haha sorry

  • Trina12009

    lil wayne tha best rapper alive

  • Delic_selma

    Lil Wayneeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Living legend doing history.
    Your fan have always been from a child and always will be!
    Keep doing what your doing, wish youd come to malta once :(

  • Delic_selma

    Lil Wayneeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Living legend doing history.
    Your fan have always been from a child and always will be!
    Keep doing what your doing, wish youd come to malta once :(

  • Jarriel Hyde

    This album will be sick!!!!!!!!

  • weezylover

    I love weezy, this better be the real tracklist. Has it came out yet? At his concert (YESSS i was there) he said may 16th. then my friend tlkd me they post poned it to may24th to add more songs?

  • Hello

    its not completely fake
    fall from grace and maybe she will are confirmed tracks

  • 32111babyemm

    lil wayne tha best rapper nd if u aint fuckin wit him i aint fuckin wit u bitchez

  • Gmh5105

    fake….wheres how to love?

    • Lilfumba


    • Purple Applejuice

      that what im sayin. how to love has to be on there! 

    • Williamsmariah

      number 6 

    • Zeekdeen

      number six you fuckin dumbass!

      • Clanderson117

        hahaahah @ab9e00088297d2a81fde2f832bcfed4a:disqus 

        • Courneene

          you the dumbass. you read the article and look at the post date. “fake….wheres how to love?” was posted before the changes… durrr

          • Goon

            fuck u u cock sucker

          • TICTAC201597

            NUMBER 12 DUMB ASS

          • Patrick Smith

            you guys are hilarious LOL:)!!!

      • unkown

        slap ur self u dum ass its number 12

        • Rebel Spirit

          Lol they all was dumb they said it wasnt their then number 6 lol.

          • Anonymous

            Your dumb too cause you’re meant to say “there” not “their”

        • Hondacrxsir17


      • JDmutherfukinshit

        its 12 you fucking dumb ass

      • 1235

        Zeekdeen it’s number 12 stupid fuck

      • Ladarius Blue

        those r right assholes

      • Mike862

        ur the dumbass lol

    • Yobro

      number 6 dumbass

    • Mgambino617

      num 12 dumbass ur fake

    • Jacobbass34


    • janee’!

      numba 12 axx’!

    • Devey663

      LOL what a chachi

    • Unknown

      you is an asss wipe 

    • Keffry

      #12 fucking dumbass

    • Sippen4u2

      dumbass its # 12

    • Tictac201597

      its number 12

    • George

      you’re a dumbas..s its right there

      • Cheaismashed

        observation fail

  • Nmcsncs

    wheres i hate love ?

    • Larissa

      No matter way weezys album will be the shit

  • Quick22

    release date is in june, not sure the exact date…

    • Thomas20099


  • Hersheys437

    Young mula baby

  • Hersheys437

    Young mula baby

  • Onke

    Love like John Lennon

  • Jewishchink

    fuck weezy shit late

  • Briannaj12

     man im so getting this shit!!!

  • Raul Cantu12

    How to love is the best one!

    • Cruzanlion

      BS nightmares of the deep make how to love look like doodoo

      • john hanna

        it is nightmares of the bottom you fucktard

    • Cruzanlion

      BS nightmares of the deep make how to love look like doodoo

  • Tylor_culley

    weezy rules

  • Williamwalley17

    lil wayen is the shit that all

  • Williamwalley17

    i love lil wayen and i love my girl kassie

  • Laurennjayybbyy

    how many tracks r on the carter 4

  • PheXZ.

    how to love is on his mixtape you sake of shit get out of here

  • Lilj20202

    i hate when this shit happens and like when does the album actually come out like ive heard 4 different closet is now may

  • Loveandbasketball10

    im pumped for this!!!! damn i cant wait wayne is the greatest rapper alive

  • Joeyflynn47

    I hate 6 foot 7 foot, such a dumbass song.

  • Vinnie Malvais

    Dis ain all da sonqs or dey all wronq. Wers How To Love?

  • Tha Joker777

    I know.Where the fuk iz how to love???

  • Tha Joker777

    I know.Where the fuk iz how to love???

  • Tha Joker777

    I know.Where the fuk iz how to love???

  • Codmaster166

    honestly u guys u will never kno what is goin to bbe on his album till it comes out , hes not gona leak 1 song till he wants the album to come out
    its already been postponed llike 2 months i say it will come out this summer

  • Deomontaewallace

    my niggia going get his

    • Youngbezzy225

      all yall dum fuks ful of shit

  • J0$#U@

    i love dis bitch…….. 


  • Dadadaweezyf

    Where’s HOW TO LOVE? =( 

  • Pollo

    Likkle wayne.. C4.. Heard it?? If not you aint know music

  • Ishandj

    where’s nightmares of the bottom?

  • shawtyywildd’n

    why they dnt got show em what you got

  • Hubey2smoov

    nightmares 4rm the bottom???

  • Badd Yash

    @ab9e00088297d2a81fde2f832bcfed4a:disqus yeah ur right wers d song how to love

  • Dr B Rivas

    Fake where is “NIGHTMARES OF THE BOTTOM”

    • Jackie Wilson90

      aint it that the best one

    • Brandon Garner

      I think its “NIghtmares of the Bottle”

      • orag,s

        nightmarres of the bottom not bottle

      • Lolaf

        Nahh , Hes Right , its Nightmares Of The BOTTOM

    • Zeekdeen

      number four dumbass!

    • James

      are you guys blind or dont know how to read? read the fucking track list before you start saying those songs aren’t on there

    • Jellybean

      Its on there its number 4.

    • Brandenmullican


      • Dwninjaboy

        yall all dumb asses nightmares of the bottom is #5 not 4 and how to love is #12 not 6 stop criticizing shit

    • Medricjackson

      dumb ass

  • kiddkoolaidd

    Weres nightmares of th bottom,how to love,dear anne and she will??

  • Apvanatta

    Wheres nightmare of the bottom??!!

  • Abeknopf

    Tech N9ne!!!!

  • isailtonpereira

    itsn`t the album motherfucked.

  • FEAR

    4 more days and this shit comes out…the real shit

  • chunglee

    This is a LIE

  • DJ $WAG

    Dr. B Rivas is right

  • Missprissnytx

    I know right

    he is smart cuz i was about to bootleg,lol

  • Taet214

    Those songs look like it gone be off da chain



  • Myname22233

    wheres nightmares of the bottom & how to love

  • praW…BEE….Yen…..

    cool…..thanks buddy……………..

  • Williamthoodjr

    fake where is nightmare of the bottom

  • Craig Harris

    cant be right

  • WayneThaGreatest

    no one can beat wayne im gonna get this shittt

  • Zacchaeus Knighton

    were tha fuck is nightmares of the bottom 

  • Zacchaeus Knighton

    thts tha wrong realease date

  • Jtp_54

    weres nightmares of the bottom

  • Man7857

    wheres the song with Tech N9ne?

  • Sanforddende

    this how this should roll

  • Hockeychicka

    exactly, where is how to love ? and show em’ what you got ?

  • vince

    jst shut tha fukk up and buy tha cd

  • Kokan2525


  • Tevenmayo

    where is nightmares of the bottom? everybody knows that one…

  • lil wayne finta kill em

    wheres how to love it aint finna be on here because he aint playin with that soft shit no morer and he finta be realeasin his mixtape sorry 4 tha wait like mack mane said during an interview

  • Avent216

    i think dis trackist fake af

  • Kyle Cain

    lil wayne is the shit the best rapper alive and were is how to love and you da shit

  • jhonmichael

    i make money fly.. hit me up and i can get you a job

  • Xzaviav

    true i mean if how to love is on itunes this got to be fake

  • Xzaviav

    true i mean if how to love is on itunes this got to be fake

  • Xzaviav

    true i mean if how to love is on itunes this got to be fake

  • king lamborghini

    fuck all u niggas

  • Adambomb672

    silly asses this is little wayne he made the carter 3 like 4 times because of bootlegs. trust me if you have already heard  an unrealesed song of his that you think should be on the album 10 times out of 10 its not going to be

  • Tunechi

    Gucci Mane does not fit in, in this album..

  • Codyv 9316

    how to love isnt on the carter 4. that was the drought.

    • Rtujb455

      You are a dumbass! Smfh!!!

  • Andradedior

    This album is fucking raw

  • Andradedior

    This album is fucking raw

  • Andradedior

    This album is fucking raw

  • Ravioli99

    how to love and talk to me

  • Ricky

    nope wrong there’s no right above it lilwayne nd drake

    • Brian

      that was on his last album you stupid shit

    • Fox78

      That was on not a human being you dumb fuck!

  • BrewerKevin93

    Fake where in da hell is “Talk To Me” and “I Hate Love”

  • Hunter Pardon

    Everybody!! Lil wayne has decided to trash that tracklist and is coming up with a new one but “6 foot 7 foot’, “john”, “how to love” and, “nightmares of the bottom” is gonna be on the new “carter iv”. N i heard that lil wayne is comin out with a different version of “pussy money weed”. its gonna be called “puhnana” but it has the same beat!! 

  • howTOloveBLOWS

    cause how to love blows dick. and even lil wayne knows it

  • Tom

    fake, he said that nightmares from the bottom would be on here on his unplugged event on mtv2

  • Homerunj10

    and also where’s nightmares of the bottom?!

  • Queetababyyy

    this isnt rightttttttttttttttttt! fuckers!

  • Tunechi

    i think this new one is real

  • SuperFlyman327

    No Tragedy

  • Dontfront_kush

    lil wayne is a sell out bitch

  • Shyrettarenee

    OMG um so excited can’t w8 til 8/29/11

  • sam burgess

    on there u downie

  • sam burgess

    oh soz didnt realise

  • Richard

    Were is talk to me

  • V3awesome

    Hell Nahh How To Love Itz Not in It Even T-Pain And Kanye Suppose To Be On Tha Album!!!! >:(

  • Carmeliatripp

    love weezy cant wait till cd drops

  • Kking519

    fake wheres you da shit

  • Velvetbear90

    This album is gonna be the shit. How to love is the best I’ve heard by him, and for y’all that don’t know he’s talkin about a stripper

  • Velvetbear90

    How to love is number 6

  • Thato Andy


  • beautifuloblivion5519

    Where’s Dear Anne?

  • Gob55

    Tech N9ne is the best rapper alive.

  • Lil_brawl

    Wheres “talk to me”?

  • Dew24

    Yall are crazy. He clearly is the best selling, one of the best lyricists, and hardest working rapper out there. Sooo i think that would make him the best. Yea its an opinion but all the things i named kind of hint that hes the best.

  • Reedy

    what about the track Talk to me?

  • Peppers9011

    Pray to big Mason? This Guy is Illuminati

  • Yooo

    lil wayne the best rapper alive? lmao i bet nas shits on him lyrically if hes really on the album

  • Dennyhira

    dumb ass how to love is numba 6 dis is a real tracklist i heard tech n9ne is supposed to be in it and he is

  • Skateblaze1996

    he revaaled one of the song at hershey pennsylvania on the i am music tour and said half the song!

    • Devontenl

      what was it?

    • jimma

      wasnt that nightmares of the bottom?

  • Londonjohn21

    put sum mixtapes on here like rollin or grove st party

  • Jackstensgard

    Who cares? Lil wayne sucks cock anyways!

    • Yobro

      nigga hata >€[

  • DatSouUr-D

    this seems like real tracklist got how to love, nightmares of the bottom and almost everything that was suposed to be on itt. i cant wait im finna get this sshitt right awayy!

  • shalala


  • Zachdenbow

    People who are calling other people stupid, they don’t see the other tracks because they commented before the tracklist was updated

  • Stuart Harrington

    wheres talk 2 me

  • Poipoipoi

    not fake allready got the leak boiiii

  • Zachariah Keith Williams

    Ooh i like this track list. Nice feats too including Cee Lo, John Legend, and seeing Nas, Shyne, and Jadakiss on this is killa. Question though, where in da world is Dear Anne at on this least? Is that song even from Tha Carter IV or is that just a single/on another album/mixtape?

  • hybrid

    i think dear anne is gonna be on there too

  • Crybabycody7

    This is fake because the outro is how to hate with t pain on it

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  • Alvir-786

    READ IT U RETARDS! he says hw thinks the 1st tracklist is fake, so he posted the tracklist he thinks is the real one which bloody include hoq to love and nightmares of thr bottom!!

  • Medricjackson

    how bout this fuck the haters and all the tunechi fans keep goin fuck all lil wayne haters he dont need yall

  • Dennyhira


  • Dennyhira

    this album is going to be the best of the year behind that will be r.e.d. by the game and blood sweat andtears by ace hood

  • Hhh

    6 foot7 foot wont be on here. And dear anne will be

  • Crybabycody7

    Hey Alvir-786
    Why wont you stop tryin to argue with people on the internet and get a life you stupid bitch

  • Liuglouiygolui

     DownloadMixtapes. Org/LilWayne

  • Joshrico32

    where is she will

  • Lilwayne

    this is fake there is no she will featuring drake on the second one,lil wayne confirmed that song will be on the album

  • Medricjackson

    carter 4 the coolest out and made from the best rapper alive all yall that said the carter 4 is fake yall fxckin fake

  • Gametime

    The R.E.D. Album August 23rd!!!

  • Eggleton Andrew

    this might be fake also or wiki is wrong because the single thats supposed to be released on august 23 isnt on the list

  • Frown21

    Fake.. She Will Aint On Here

  • OBBlueClaws3

    This is a fake track list. If you look at How to Love it’s a single not part of the album.

  • Blaalalaldjlaj

    sounds like an awesome album but when will it come out on itunes

  • WeezyF

    Make sure everybody gets one my albums. Mostly appreciated, thank you all my fans for the love and support. Carter 4 –

    • King Of Oahu

      Wheres talk to me

  • Jpbluntblood05

    Yo this shit ass the carter 4 wayne did before with kanye on the album was better and wayne a fake ass blood

    • lil wayne

      tg carter IV is the best. pi comment tu sais qui et pas dans les blood tu lui a demender ?

  • dustin breaux

    some of these songs arent in carter 4 u fucking retards

  • Lethalz

    can you lot fucking read number 12! and this is the offical chart

  • Nakhounesteven

    ayo tha carter is “PIFF”mii niqqa!. have yuh stuck . that nightmares from the bottom?? 

  • Grannit Hashani

    where is Noga ft. Lil Wayen Hardcore

  • Knndybobby

    ALL of you are fuckin retarted, How to Love is number 12

  • Wheelertray

    Where’s Dear Anne

  • Soraw

    Check Out “Strangerous” on Datpiff.. #Fye Mixtape!..

  • Cristiano

    this gawn be the best album of 2011!

  • Deezy_jp

    gotta get it weezy tha best!

  • bishop187

    al yall is crazy lol when u bootlegging it doenst matter the order

  • Ru45

    yall are all dumb fucks!

  • lilwaynelover

    i love lil wayne

  • Cleveland8989

    Everyone below this line is a dumbass…arguing over nonsense

  • dreadhead

    i have the carter iv and this is the correct tracklist dumb asses

  • Silly Things Make Me Happy

    lmfao . you people’s are jokes ! ,  how to love is number 12, stupid !

  • Listentoslipknot

    lil wayne is going back to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just murdered this shit

  • Listentoslipknot

    lil wayne is going back to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just murdered this shit

  • Jewelhudson

    all you niggas dum how to love is 12 and she will is 6

  • Lil_youngster_kris

    lol this is the right tracklisting, Tha Carter IV is amazing :D

  • Bigdog

    Y’all are real tough talking shit over the internet. Like it fucking matters…

  • Anthonybennett73

    Where’s nicki at?!

  • Jr Lostsoul

    jeezy mixtape harder then dis nigga album.. im disapointed in my dawg wayne

  • nick


  • menime

    No eminem? No platinum

  • Nissan

    fuck lil wayn he sucks

  • Criswellcody

    how you download this?

  • Donaldmccrea23

    Wayne went in number 5 that work

  • Cdowns

    this not the carter for and if it is  then i had it bedore it even dropped to the market and internet

  • Jdbaseball12

    all of yall are fucking retarded for calling people fucking retaded

  • Lalala


  • Hrejkfrn

    lil wayne young money cash money fuck haters weezy f babyy!!!!

  • User123

    Mann ‘ LilWayyneeee(: Sorry For The WAITT bETTER ‘ Theen Carter 4 

  • Jayallieu

    Weezy jst kip gettin better, hatas cant kip up….

  • Zesty

    losers. stfu

  • Adam Breivogel

    blunt blowin is the best song 

  • Keke_nene_pimptae


  • itslyndseyfool

    carter IV = love. 

  • Milesmarschall

    its good as fuck do so dont h8te

  • weezyfbabyy<3

    why isnt up up and on heree:/?

  • lil cole

    isnt up up and away suosed to be here?

    • CarterIVFAN

      It’s only an Itunes Exclusive Carter IV song… It was never on the CD.

  • shannon obrien

    This Album is Dopee 

  • Tamelarease

    LOve the albumm!!

  • Gxdawg

    what about up up and away?

  • Gxdawg

    orr novacane?

  • Dddarty1997


  • red nation

    carter 4 was not as good as i had hoped. sorry for the wait was better

  • Lorengoodman13

    this isn’t right at all! i have tha carter 4 and only 3 or 4 of these songs are on it.

  • Katelyn Crook

    there are 20 songs on her!

  • Eriicinstpete

    what about song 19 novocane on itunes and theres a song 20 on the target version

  • Bprince Prince

    Where. Is how to love? I don’t understand change what? :)

  • Bprince Prince

    I see it now lol :)

  • Dee Lauren10


  • Robby_souza

    wat happened to the song talk to me

  • daniel

    haha ya niggas is gay

  • Ray Antonio


  • anigaV

    Gmh5105 is fuckin retarded but Zeekdeen is even a bigge fuckin retard….sigh..losers!

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  • Gardwig

    how to love is number 12

  • Big Dick101

    yea it is 12

  • Bemahd

    lil wayne is the best rapper

  • Princess Sophia

    i love all of his songs go weezy

  • saab

    no 12 is how to love!!!

  • Bryantmoore91


  • WANE4

    NUMBER 12

  • Ezzy

    Lmao Awhh So Sweet To Each Other Huh?

  • Briiii (:

    what cd is up up and away on?

  • Campbell D

    you are all fages and shoulg go suck your moms cock lil wayne is a boss