Kanye West at Coachella 2011 (Full Concert)

Kanye West performs a collection of new and classic songs from his career at Coachella. During the show Kanye West said he recorded his latest album with dreams of performing it at Coachella and last night he did just that. He closed the show with an emotional dedication to his mother with “Hey Mama.” NOTE: This is a 2 hour video, so you may have to wait for it to load.

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  • a@a.com

    Cheers mate.


    Kenny u rock

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Gaelle_F Gaëlle F

    Wow, just amazing.

  • Stéphanie

    Best entrance ever!

  • /nunoumar Nuno

    Kanye West killed it. Was for sure one of his greatests shows.

  • Tsewu Godwin

    That’s my icon boss!

  • mike

    that was wank

  • http://zack@thespiralcase.net Zack Franciose

    front row for this shit last night. dopest show. only matched by arcade fire the previous night, (also front row for that)

  • thecool

    Wow. My life just changed

  • mack status

    this is garbage. what’s wrong with you idiots? this is not music. on the contrary, this is horseshit drenched in mediocrity and marinated with off key notes served to a mass of tone deaf fools trying to be hip with the flavor of the month. now, take an artist like Prince, who opened a 21 night concert series in LA, and now you got an epic series of performances worth attending. Prince is a showman, an incredibly lyricist, impeccable vocalist, genius musician, and perhaps one of the greatest “total package” showstoppers of our time! dig it!

    • brandi

      you’re on a rap website complaining about rap?

    • Lian

      I don’t know man. Rhyming “sarcophagus” with “esophagus” is pretty damn lyrical to me.

    • Amanda

      okay but really no one asked for your negativity. dont like it? dont comment. dont like kanye? GOODBYE. dont watch his shit then. your wasting your time by watching it smh. get a life.

  • Kwestside

    Download link??

  • Zay

    Just cut off on me at the 20 minute mark wtf

    • kenny

      The video was removed, but I fixed it now. You should be able to watch it now. Also I posted a download link on my Twitter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dmoneyoffical D-Money

    Preciate you postin this! Kanye killed it & really exhibited his passion with this set not slowin down for the entire hour an half!! This man loves his music!!

  • Tiffany

    Great concert! Kanye totally proved why he is the best at what he does! Chi-town stand up!!

  • dominic

    mack status this is probably the closest ‘musically’ you’ll get to mainstream hip-hop. prince also hasn’t released a dope album in a fucking while. embrace it.

  • mavvericks66

    Awesome….I love Yeezy

  • elle

    saw him in concert once and he’ll be the only person i’d put $ out to see ever. hope he tours soon.

  • abdi

    I was going crazy at home to Monster

  • Danie

    Why won’t it play?

    • kenny

      It plays, you just have to let it load because the file is huge.

  • alexie

    i need more volume i wanna watch dis on a 60in flat screen full blast wit a surround sound system!!!

  • http://none JB

    amazing! thank you for uploading!

    • kenny

      No problem man! Take a look around and bookmark the site, plenty of cool stuff coming in the future.

  • Amanda

    kanye there is absolutley no words to describe my love for you.. like no words. you’re beyond amazing and i thank God for someone like you. your not evenjust a rapper.. you’re an artist. you sing, visualize, make amazing music videos, runaway movie, artworks, masterpieces, clothing style EVERYTHING. you’re mother is proud of you im sure♥ you have me in tears of what you said during the concert, please never give up. you have amazing fans that love you more than you know! youve changed my life so much, i love you kanye omari west!

    • etemon

      never a truer word spoken

  • Amanda

    and thank you so much to the person who uploaded this! <3

  • http://URL Sona West

    no words to describe my feelings… i love you more and more hunn

  • http://URL david

    No one man should have all that power

  • Misterwest

    To mister macstatus: Ummm yea no :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fedexx45 Fedex Acosta

    ami solo se me corta el video un rato cada 2 minutos mas o menos :((

  • MollyWest

    Brilliant Kanye :)

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  • http://www.ccmp3.net/ Markus01

    Great concert Kanye


  • EddieHigh

    @KlayDog so fuckin good

    • KlayDog

      @EddieHigh I know duuuu.

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  • KHiggs1993

    @williambr0wn I have not, and I will at some point :)