Yelawolf’s Shady Records Debut ‘Radioactive’ Gets Release Date, Eminem Proud

Yelawolf's Shady Records Debut 'Radioactive' Gets Release Date, Eminem Proud

While October 25th already looked like a dope day for Hip-hop fans with the release of Drake’s Take Care, it just got a little doper. It was announced today that Yelawolf’s Shady Records debut, Radioactive will be released on October 25th also.

“Radioactive is the fallout of my life’s inspirations, a testament to my ability to survive it all and to tell the story,” Yela told “Sometimes I want to party, sometimes I want to fight and sometimes I want to cry. I’m human and this album is as honest as it gets.”

“We are very eager for the world to hear Radioactive and proud to be presenting the album on Shady Records,” Eminem told “Yelawolf is a true original and he has crafted an incredible record.”

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