Lil Wayne – Mirror (Feat. Bruno Mars)

Lil Wayne has debuted the official music video for his Bruno Mars assisted Carter IV single “Mirror.” The track is possibly one of Weezy’s best in a long time, and it’s really hard to believe that this track was only a bonus cut, but it was. In the artistic visual Weezy creates a painting of himself on a wall in a Jesus-like pose holding a microphone, nailed to a cross made up of a music note. Yep, this guy really does believe he is God.

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  • Phelippe Silva

    ta gostando do lil wayne eh :D

  • Michał Tokarzewski


  • John Mcingvale

    this go hard..

  • Tóth Gergő

    not available in my region -.-

  • Khaled Magdy

    “Sorry, this video is not available in your region” For fuck’s sake, we still are human :/

  • Bernard ‘Bepee’ Platteau

    Not available in my country, but does he still say my name in the end of the video?

  • Yulia Buynova

    “not available in my region”
    are u fuckin kidding me?


    It’s a vevo video, and unfortunately I don’t control the region locks. I’ll switch the video host once it’s on Youtube.


    I updated the post on and the video now works on mobile devices and is NOT region locked. :-).

  • John Mcingvale

    cool, cool.. :)

  • Dato Chutkera
  • Christophe TopH’ Humbert

    about time!

  • Chris Gerrety

    this song gonna be big…gonna be sick of hearin it in less than two weeks.

  • Heloisa Albuquerque

    Phelippe Silva, mais ou menos, mas essa música é muito dahora… exceto pela parte enjoativa do Bruno Mars