Drake – Practice (Official Video)

Another visual from Drake‘s Take Care has surfaced, this time for “Practice“. This is the most heterosexual video made for men containing a song made for women ever made. Watch it until the end.

Want to submit your own “Practice” video to Drake and one day maybe have him surprise you in your bedroom? E-mail PracticeVideos12@Gmail.com. Wondering who the female is in this video? It’s Kyra Chaos.

Take Care is available on iTunes now.

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  • MyMindBeenGone

    Drake’s best video to date. RT @RapDose: Drake – Practice – http://t.co/bLT36F9S

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  • WessleeSnapz

    @NiggaInCornwall That A$$ Tho. >>>>>>>>>

  • NiggaInCornwall

    @WessleeSnapz Her PERIOD>>>>

  • NeroPrince

    @Morenniike is that real ?

    • Morenniike

      @NeroPrince HYFR!! Loool. Yh g

      • NeroPrince

        @Morenniike buh it’s boring jur with her fat ass she can’t dance.. I got tired of it, and went to the end.. Drake is boring..

        • Morenniike

          @NeroPrince I swear! She just get yansh 4 nuin…hahaha! He’s sha hittin’ that ass

        • NeroPrince

          @Morenniike. Lmaoo sure thingy.. Badt guyz drake She’s fine sha..

        • Morenniike

          @NeroPrince hahaha! Yaaaahh

  • RalphBeezy

    !!!! RT @RapDose: Watch the official music video for @Drake’s Take Care track “Practice” here: http://t.co/3138Zq2C

  • TheRealDmac3

    @LouisGeneux the man ! Smh

    • LouisGeneux

      @TheRealDmac3 dog.. she is too much. lmao

      • TheRealDmac3

        @LouisGeneux I know omg amazing

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  • AlexDeCelis

    @MichaelOkon17 why you complaining? Its a great fckn video LOL.

    • MichaelOkon17

      @AlexDeCelis loooool ik its amazing <3 I’m just saying it probably costs like 5 dollars to make

      • AlexDeCelis

        @MichaelOkon17 LOL fuck w.e its still a great video

  • apazsoldan

    @ROCKxSOUL too much, do not want.


      @apazsoldan LOL my nigga there’s never too much ass !!

  • apazsoldan

    @ROCKxSOUL #toeachhisown hahaha

  • ZaibiiQ

    @T_totheANNE wow!!! No wayy!!

  • ZaibiiQ

    @T_totheANNE think about it TT! It’s pretty now, give two years & watch that turn into cellulite!! Be happy you don’t have to deal with that

    • T_totheANNE

      @ZaibiiQ lmao! Oh damn Zaibii you’re right. I should be grateful for the little rush I have haha

      • ZaibiiQ

        @T_totheANNE Exactly!!! That’s all I have to say. In the end, it’s those who flaunt it who suffer!! Bwahahha pure evil . LOL

        • T_totheANNE

          @ZaibiiQ lmao! Pure evil but hey! Whatevs! Lol

  • ZaibiiQ

    @T_totheANNE LOL

  • Joshua Duarte

    i’m just saying…..he could have done better.
    *drake voice*

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  • Justin Riverö Phillips


  • Aaron Blue Byrd

    you can’t really complain about this video

  • DulceDeLauryn

    Yoooo… love the creativity and concept of this video… for real it was not what I expected…. and people are going to rip it apart.. but I love it.

  • DulceDeLauryn

    You a fool… lmao

  • Mansar Malek

    U c@nt h@te on th@at a§§ brahs .

  • Tony Diamond Bd Playboyz

    got a girl like her and my life w’ll be …………………!

  • VieDe_Heather

    @O_Doggy_Dog lol u kept on singing in my ear. then had the nerve to hang up on me.

    • O_Doggy_Dog

      @VieDe_Heather naw u hung up on me!

      • VieDe_Heather

        @O_Doggy_Dog blahhh no it was u

        • O_Doggy_Dog

          @VieDe_Heather I use to date the girl in that video

        • VieDe_Heather

          @O_Doggy_Dog yeahhh ok o’ryan

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  • felmei

    @QueenKlitoris Das ist zuviel des Guten…

  • data219

    @QueenKlitoris Für den Arsch? Der ist nun wirklich nicht “optimal” geraten… Nen Arsch wie nen Brauereipferd ist aus der Mode gekommen…

  • iMadeSmartCool

    @whattaSTUDnicka I’m on my phone I can’t watch it. What is it?

    • whattaSTUDnicka

      @iMadeSmartCool maybe if you had an iphone like me, ya loser. its the practice video by drake. i know you’re an ass guy. theres a lotta ass.

  • janoz


  • adamsruca

    @adamruca sooo mad right now :(

  • beast020102

    wats u 

  • beast020102

    i can let me try

  • guest

    i high key do this all the time… lol

  • ChloeJade

    She couldn’t really twirk, js.

  • Mizz_Drizzy28

    That should of been me he was all up on!!!

  • Basil Boyd

    Who Does Drake think he is ?? lol 
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