Nicki Minaj Shows Off #DatAss In Pink Bikini On Set Of “Starships”

Nicki Minaj Shows Off #DatAss In Pink Bikini On Set Of "Starships"

Yesterday we posted on the set photos of Nicki Minaj shooting “Starships” out in Hawaii. Today we have more photos, this time of Nicki Minaj getting wet on the beach and rolling around in sand in her neon pink bikini. So in other words…these photos are much better. #DatAss. More pictures after the jump. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in stores April 3rd.

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

NIcki Minaj Pink Bikini

Pic Source: Rap Up

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  • RalphBeezy

    HELL YES!!!! RT @RapDose: #RapDose: @NickiMinaj Shows Off #DatAss In Pink Bikini On Set Of “Starships” –

  • Leticia Wayne


  • Harry Hughes

    I agree

  • Camila de Souza

    Big ass ‘0’

  • Leticia Wayne


  • Harry Hughes

    She has a fine looking ass

  • Leticia Wayne

    you got that rightt harry

  • Harry Hughes

    Ik that’s y I said it

  • Louise McDonagh

    She’s so perfect!

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  • makaveli316

    Perfect? Oh, c’mon, let’s face it, she’s a fat cellulite ass.

  • makaveli316

    Get the fuck out of here hypocrite people.
    Perfect? Oh, c’mon, let’s be honest, she’s a fat cellulite ass.
    If she wasn’t famous, nobody would say “great ass”.

    • me

       on the contrary there are alot of ppl who wld say nice butt if she wasnt famous. ppl who like volumptuous women. u r not one of those ppl but then again who are you. i bet you dnt say that about that bag of lumps kim k. has. i bet in the same breath you’d say she has a nice butt. smh. u ppl.

      • makaveli316

        Nah man, i don’t like only skinny girls. I like also nice round asses too, but her ass looks weird and it’s everything but great. She has the luck to be famous, that’s it and the people commenting are just hypocrite. They would say “great ass” even to an elephant, as long as it’s a famous elephant.

        • Way2real

          @makaveli316 Man you don’t have a case. There is no cellulite in these photos. And if you were such an expert on nice round ass, you could name some other celebs who ass is more banging than hers. Just face it, you just wanna hate on nicki. I bet every ass you think is better is white anyway lol! Don’t be talking about nicki when your fave ass belongs on Megan fox or scarlett johannsen. Gtfoh

        • kylef

           @Way2real  @makaveli316 I can name some better celeb asses, If I really wanted to think about it I could probably list 20 or more that are better than Nicki Minaj but the big ones (pun intended) that come to mind are :Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel. 

  • makaveli316

    Hey douche, why are you deleting my comments? Can’t have a different opinion, are you mad kid?

  • huh

    Diet and exercise young missie! Diet and exercise.

  • Way2real

    Uh she’s not fat at all. Y’all are some lanes with toothpicks for girlfriends. She’s a good representation of what thick looks like.

  • Reality_Is

    Her ass and hips are airbrushed!  Look closer at the sides of her hips.  Also, that is the ugliest excuse of a human being I have ever seen!!  Gross!!

    • makaveli316

      Excuse for what, it’s just a matter of taste.
      Airbrushed? **** out of here….

  • Caue I Wanna Know

    Yeah, she’s fat, phat..but that all okay, its all good. All I wanna know is, is she f*cking? Cause from these pictures it sure doesn’t look like she is.

  • RakeiaThickAzz

    She need to stop doing all that surgery shit

  • mrstephen1

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  • Dee raww

    It’s all fake,implants butt and breast. Look at her cleavage her breast are sperated,not normal

  • RealPyT

    she is not fat at all…so diet and excercise comments are pointless, everybody does not like malnourished stick figures!!!! but it would look nice if it wasnt fake

    • Darnell Yancey

       @RealPyT She’s not fat, duh, but her body needs major toning.

      • RealPyT

        duh my ass! shut up damn! “needs major toing” like i said she straight besides the implants!

  • RealPyT

    she is not fat at all, so the diet and exercise comments are pointless! not everybody likes malnourished stick figures….but if it wasnt fake she would look great!

  • EdieDixon

    She’s got the money to look like that. I’ve seen her b4 and after photos, and she PAID for that ass and them breasts…



  • Darnell Yancey

    Bitch needs to work out.

    • igotjsfordays

       @Darnell Yancey lol what…..theres a diff between hating and being crazy….shes the good type of thick…i dont like her personality but dat assss i LOVE

  • Darnell Yancey

    It’s not airbrushed moron, it’s just fake (implanted).

    • RealPyT

       @Darnell Yancey stop commenting on everybody post..thirty for a comment?!

      • mrstephen1

        Thanks for reading the comment and God blessed you!

  • magician101

    I don’t care how fake her ass and breast are. Fact is she’s still beautiful and I bet any amount of money. Every nigga on here would hit that, if she offered it up to y’all. I know I would, no questions asked.

  • serena

    #DATASS … is fake, idiots.

    • sadfasfasfsa

      every one knows that already so you must be the one dumb ass that JUST NOW found out and tried to tell the world what we already fuckin knew!

  • jimbaroi

    i can say anything but i can do her  just the way she want thats it.

  • jimbaroi

    she s may religion that it those who angrying with me the lord will protect you

  • dametrice burrell

    her body is so nasty looking. but the men like all that sh$#.

  • Renee McConney

    She looks like one of those Troll Dolls

  • Simon Leigh

    her body is disgusting lol

    • macklemorefan420

      disgusting??? pretty sure all her fans would disagree lol which ismore than you have lets see ur gf buddy i doubt she a bad bitch like nicki hahahahahah

      • Salimboo

        I agree! she have a nice booty

    • Kimberly

      You must be white.

  • catsnatcher

    A Big Booty Don’t Make A Bad Bitch She Still Has A Nasty Fucked Up Attitude

  • Muhammad Usman

    Niki Minaj the Black Beauty is looking hot in these pics. I have downloaded a lot of

    Niki Minaj HD Wallpapers , but this picture collection is really awesome. She is looking hot in these bikini photoshoot on the beach.