Jeremih – Go To The Mo

Jeremih - Go To The Mo

Here is the latest single from Def Jam artist, Jeremih.  The single is titled “Go To The Mo” and it was debuted on Chicago’s Power 92 with DJ Pharris.  Uh, I’m not feeling this.

Source: FSD

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  • henrondakid


  • Nadia Nunn

    This beat is a wave of melodic sounds in motion which compliments Jeremih voice tone. People open your ears and join the eclectic band of music . Your ears and taste buds in music should blossom now what’s distracting is the prefabricated sounds that’s out now like THE TRASH THAT RADIO STATIONS SEND THROUGH THE AIRWAVES. If you can’t listen to this then you have not a clue the true meaning of MUSIC THAT IS REAL FROM THE SOUL. GET A GRIP WACKERS YOUR SLACKING IN THE PRESENCE OF KNOWING WHAT SOUND IN MOTION TRULY MEANS.

  • Nadia Nunn

    Listen again you’ll like it