Hologram 2Pac Performs At Coachella 2012

During Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s Coachella 2012 performance, a hologram of 2Pac was brought on stage to perform “Hail Mary” and “Gangsta Party” with Snoop Dogg. It’s simply one of the greatest things I ever witnessed and came off realistic. Two words to describe the performance? Amazing. Incredible.

Click here for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s full Coachella 2012 set, featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa and more.

hologram 2pac

Hologram 2pac gif

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  • Fvck__Swvg

    @WeKnowItsDiYo good looks.

    • WeKnowItsDiYo

      @Fvck__Swvg peep my tumblr, video on there

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  • iYushh

    Goosebumps RT @MEccentrica http://t.co/g6qzNb58 2Pac at Coachella. Holy shit.

  • M_Jallier

    @NinoxIce Comment ça tu es réveillé et tu ne dis pas bonjour?


    @djblackbelt THANKSSS (:

  • DeadAngelXtrem

    @RostoXIX Tu penses que c’est jouable Claude Francois dans sa baignoire aussi?

    • RostoXIX

      @DeadAngelXtrem oui mais pour lui il y a plusieurs version de sa mort celle ci est l’officiel après faut voir pour les autres …

  • cbrygier

    @jenfromtheblog c’est trop cool. Mais vu l’enthousiasme du public, ils ne l’ont pas tous reconnu (ou étaient trop drogués).

    • jenfromtheblog

      @cbrygier ou effrayés lol c’est un peu freaky quand même

  • carinelucas

    @hehodubato FOU! tellement réaliste

  • Raphael_Assaraf

    @AmauryMartinB haha merci. En joignant les morceaux j’avais devniné un truc comme ca!

  • MC_PHX

    @TheFabulousOne and this is how all the black guys find you :)

    • TheFabulousOne

      @MC_PHX Ha! You might be on to something.

  • Boodi Bin Timbo

    tupac still alive

  • MarinaCpom

    @jc_mm Je pencherai plus pour Michael Jackson moi !

    • jc_mm

      @marinacpom Je ne voulais pas tomber dans la facilité en choisissant Michael !

      • MarinaCpom

        @jc_mm C’est vrai qu’Elvis Presley, c’est tellement plus underground… Ahah !

        • jc_mm

          @marinacpom C’est LE king Elvis !

  • BrittaneyDoss

    @SherlockChrome i’m not gonna lie that is awesome and creepy at the same time. As a 2Pac fan it was crazy to see him on stage again.

    • SherlockChrome

      @BrittaneyDoss I saw the video before but i just watched it til the end.. did you see how they made him vanish

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  • Ken Johnson

    i know someone is going to make a theater to have all the dead and old artists perform as a hologram. this might help people like me would are in music production. am ready to see Aaliyah next.