Joe Budden – The Emotions

Joe Budden – The Emotions

New music from Joe Budden that will appear on his upcoming Mood Muzik box set titled “The Emotions”. Fire! The Mood Muzik box set hits stores May 15th.

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Cam'ron - Love My Life

Cam’ron – Love My Life

Tank - Compliments (Remix) (Feat. T.I. & Kris Stephens)

Tank – Compliments (Remix) (Feat. T.I. & Kris Stephens)


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  • RalphBeezy

    !!! RT @RapDose: #RapDose: Joe Budden – The Emotions –

  • Chris Jones

    “New music from Joe Budden that appeared on his recent Mood Muzik box set” the box set hasnt been released yet, it’s not out til May 15th so how can it be recent? it’s “upcoming”.


    ^Fixing now…master

  • Chris Jones

    Damn, why you gotta reply like that? you coulda just deleted my comment. Is correcting you that much of an issue?

  • Chilly Anderso



    Lol, it was a joke Chris. I’m happy you pointed out the problem. Thanks sir.