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Nicki Minaj – Starships (Official Video)

After many delays, Nicki Minaj finally drops the official music video for her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded single “Starships“.  Was the video worth the wait?  I’d say so.  Nothing I like better than Nicki Minaj‘s booty in a Pink Bikini.

watch the official music video for nicki minaj's new single starships


nicki minaj bikini in the official music video for her new single starships watch it here on rapdose.com

Nicki Minaj Starships Video

Nicki Minaj Starships Official Video

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  • RapDose.com

    Better quality coming soon.

  • KanYe Fanforever


  • Jonny Lenzii

    Gay ^

  • Pauly_Flo

    Huge butt doe

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  • André Andrade


  • Miss Gothic Vampyre

    I LOVE it! Damn Nicki looks AMAZING & SO Pretty! I just LOVE her AWESOME figure! Like a REAL Woman! ;)
    I ADORE Miss Nicki! <3
    I CANNOT WAIT until I can buy a copy for my laptop and IPod! THIS video will be on repeat for a LONG time!

    • http://domain.tid/ Souknwitsreal

      @Miss Gothic Vamp girl bye

    • http://domain.tid/ Souknwitsreal

      SouknwitsrealShar girl bye

    • http://domain.tid/ Souknwitsreal

      I mean I feel we’re u coming from love nickiiiiiiii

  • mimi_blanco

    Sorry, the song it OK, but the video is tasteless the very least 

  • Teflon Don

    pop bitch w fake tita and ass

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  • diamond_princess2019

    Some of y’all just need to stop hatin

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