Lloyd Banks ‘V6: The Gift’ Mixtape Cover Revealed

Lloyd Banks 'V6: The Gift' Mixtape Cover Revealed

Lloyd Banks is a silhouette in a dark sewer for the official mixtape cover for his upcoming project V6: The Gift. V6 was originally supposed to be released on April 30th but it was pushed back. The mixtape currently doesn’t have a solid release date.

This cover is bad.  I mean it’s not as bad as previous Lloyd Banks mixtape covers but it’s still not good and to me presentation means a lot.  Lloyd Banks constantly puts out good music, myself and many Hip Hop fans already know this. But there are definitely more fans to be attracted and with a better, more eye catching visual, I’m sure Lloyd Banks would gain many new fans.  With a dull cover like this less people will be checking the project out.  I’m not bashing the cover or whoever designed it, I’m sure whoever the designer was did it for free as a fan of Banks and is just happy to see his work get featured.  But better presentation equals more people noticing a project and more people noticing a project equals new listeners and new listeners if they enjoy what they discover equals new fans.

With that said, I used to do a lot of paid work for Thisis50.com back in the day and even designed Lloyd Banks’ official website, but somehow I guess I got on their bad side or they just hired interns who try their hand at design for a cheaper or free rate.  Artists such as Lloyd Banks deserve better designs.  If not by me, then by somebody else who is also good at their craft.

I found myself bored a week or so ago and made a few cover mock ups when Lloyd Banks said he was looking for a cover for V6 on Twitter and shot the designs Banks and G-Unit’s way with no response for whatever reason. Hell, they could have not even liked my designs but I find that doubtful after seeing this official cover.

Check out my unofficial cover mock ups after the break and feel free to use one in your iTunes when the mixtape does eventually drop.  I’m a fan of Lloyd Banks and I’ll definitely be checking the project out as you should, but I definitely will be swapping the official cover out with one of my own in iTunes.  Note: The covers I designed were made before “The Gift” was added as the mixtape’s theme and the designs were created with no direction, only knowing the title of the mixtape was V6.





Click a cover above to view the high res version.

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  • http://www.lloydbanks.com/ BigMoney4life

    Bro he chose that cover because someone he knows (someone loyal obviously) passed away and reincarnated twice and actually came back to life both times.. the kid was going through a lot of things and eventually had a hit on him and lloyd banks was the only one there for him telling him what they was doing to him through his music on cold corner 2. On v6 he is basically preparing him for his next steps rapping through his point of view and dropping jewels at the same time.. I can say the cover represents a ”where do you think your going? It’s not your time yet’. It’s the tunnel to god where he judges you.