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Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell – Lazy Sunday 2 (SNL Digital Short)

Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell reprise their classic Saturday Night Live Digital Short turned internet viral video “Lazy Sunday” for the SNL season finale. I present to you the it’s hilarious follow up, “Lazy Sunday 2″. Rumor has it, last night could have been Andy Samberg’s last night on Saturday Night Live. Could this be the last SNL Digital Short we see? Maybe. If it is, that would suck. No more “I’m On A Boat”, “Like A Boss”, “Shy Ronnie” etc? Yeah, no more digital shorts would definitely suck. Speaking of Shy Ronnie, Andy Samberg recently joined Santigold on stage as the shy character who is usually seen alongside Rihanna. Watch that after the break.

I absolutely love Andy’s comedic rap group The Lonely Island. If he does leave Saturday Night Live, I at least hope he keeps The Lonely Island going. I’m definitely a fan of their Hip Hop inspired comedy tracks.

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