Drake’s 10 Worst Looks


Continuing on with the misuse of sunglasses here the hypocritical Drizzy Drake Rogers seems to be having an issue with the temperature. The question is, is it so cold you need a parka or so warm and sunny you need those shades!? Drake doesn’t know, and I can’t figure it out either. It appears to me he’s inside for this one and likely needs neither… but he has on that nice shirt and tie so maybe he’s just going to work. This is like the rubics cube of outfits. Can you solve it?

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  • Ian Rozay

    LMFAO @ the shit you guyz wrote about his outfits!

  • kylefall

    @PhillyCustoms @OGJOHNNY5 @RapDose ALL NIKE EVERYTHING

  • http://rapdose.com/2012/05/30/drakes-10-worst-looks/2#.T8azC7D9ND0 Rage Man

    the person who wrote this article is fucking hater of drake, leave the man alone and go find another rapper to tease on , i got one for you tease on waka flocka or some other retarded rapper, i can’t under stand why every one hating on drake coz his Canadian half Jewish  who have  light color skin and rapping in the same time and selling a lot of records , fuck this gay ass mother fucker who wrote this shit.

    • http://www.rapdose.com/ kylef

      He’s talking about me lol! Nice comment.

  • JMG902

    @kylefall Why is Drake’s logo an Owl (Moloch) shouldn’t it be like, a Canadian Mallard? This guy is an artistic void.

    • kylefall

      @JMG902 OVOXO YOLO

      • JMG902

        @kylefall OVO = Owl/ XO = Love/ YOLO = You Obviously Love Owls TROLOLOL #BohemianGrover http://t.co/iW8JjtvD

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