Drake’s 10 Worst Looks


I’m not sure how Drake managed to meet Quincy Jones back when he was a hobo but either way I would return that sweater to where it was purchased. Savers. At least he seems to be having a good time, and Quincy doesn’t seem to be TOO embarrassed to be sitting next to him.

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  • Ian Rozay

    LMFAO @ the shit you guyz wrote about his outfits!

  • kylefall

    @PhillyCustoms @OGJOHNNY5 @RapDose ALL NIKE EVERYTHING

  • http://rapdose.com/2012/05/30/drakes-10-worst-looks/2#.T8azC7D9ND0 Rage Man

    the person who wrote this article is fucking hater of drake, leave the man alone and go find another rapper to tease on , i got one for you tease on waka flocka or some other retarded rapper, i can’t under stand why every one hating on drake coz his Canadian half Jewish  who have  light color skin and rapping in the same time and selling a lot of records , fuck this gay ass mother fucker who wrote this shit.

    • http://www.rapdose.com/ kylef

      He’s talking about me lol! Nice comment.

  • JMG902

    @kylefall Why is Drake’s logo an Owl (Moloch) shouldn’t it be like, a Canadian Mallard? This guy is an artistic void.

    • kylefall

      @JMG902 OVOXO YOLO

      • JMG902

        @kylefall OVO = Owl/ XO = Love/ YOLO = You Obviously Love Owls TROLOLOL #BohemianGrover http://t.co/iW8JjtvD

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