ASAP Rocky – Ridin (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

ASAP Rocky - Ridin (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

Earlier today ASAP Rocky appeared in Lana Del Rey‘s new visual, now she returns the favor appearing on ASAP Rocky‘s new single “Ridin”. I can dig it.

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  • Frank Albanez

    About time!

  • Donnie_Sprints

    @emiliosaidso good looking out this shit is dope

    • emiliosaidso

      @Donnie_Sprints no doubt bruh it is

  • MugenNeverDies

    @matnole @heatherstewart7 this makes me happy

  • Rafoow

    Btw it’s not the official version :

  • Prodigy

    it’s a fake freestyle but the real one will come out soon

  • Palkaaa_

    @MCMmusic3 thanks man. Yo I was on YouTube a few days ago, & someone compared ASAP to Lil Wayne…..

    • MCMmusic3

      @Palkaaa_ no problem lol. and yeah, a$ap is nice. i fucks with him haha. He’s not my favorite but he’s good