Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Feat. Andre 3000)

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Feat. Andre 3000)

Homosexual musical genius Frank Ocean links up with another musical genius of the straight kind, Andre 3000 for a collaboration off his new album Channel Orange titled “Pink Matter” featuring production by Maylay.

If you didn’t know, Frank Ocean decided to release his album Channel Orange early tonight, placing it on iTunes for purchase a week before it’s scheduled release. Purchase Channel Orange here.

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  • Costas Detroit

    Why do you always have to be so racist. “Homosexual musical genius”? Really? HUMAN musical genius is more like it..

  • Gabe Hood

    It’s not really racist, but it is a bit odd that you consider his sexuality to be the most important part of Frank Ocean. “homosexual genius”?

  • Joshua Duarte

    homosexual musical genius is not racist in any way shape or form lol

  • Joshua Duarte

    it could be seen as offensive and homophobic but not racist, lol

  • BlueSaboteur

    He’s bi not gay, you idiots.