Meek Mill Argues With Philly Pastor Over “Amen” Single

Meek Mill Argues With Philly Pastor Over "Amen" Single

Yesterday Meek Mill covered the Philadelphia Daily News, dubbing him “Bad Rap” because of his new single “Amen” featuring Drake and the backlash it has been getting from religious organizations. Today Meek Mill called into Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9 and argued with Philly Pastor Jomo K. Johnson about the song. Jomo K. Johnson will soon publish a book about Meek Mill and MMG accusing them of blasphemy. Listen to Meek Mill and Philly pastor Jomo K. Johnson‘s argument after the break.

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  • TNT_Mika

    @PhenomBlak “Have you ever raped a woman?If you haven’t, then you’re lying. You need to be honest. ” LMAO

    • PhenomBlak

      @TNT_Mika quote it all .. u got me lookin crazy ! lmao

      • TNT_Mika

        @PhenomBlak LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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  • TheMixtapeBible

    @DJDUBFLOYD @realmiamikaos1 yes sir I saw that last night

  • Hood

    Damn, Meek is mad! lol



  • BrothersLehman

    @MsMusiclover @PhenomBlak I love when people angrily ask a question and never give the other person a chance to respond. MeekMill is mad!

    • PhenomBlak

      @BrothersLehman @MsMusiclover both them fools sound crazy as shit.. one of them is just calm and crazy.. God’s on his side i guess lmao

      • BrothersLehman

        @PhenomBlak @MsMusiclover Crazy as cat shit! The host couldn’t get Meek to pause at all & when the pastor brought up rape Meek lost it lmao

    • MsMusiclover

      @BrothersLehman @phenomblak lmaoooo

  • ShawnSonn

    Hmm, just typed in “Meek Mill rape lyrics” on Google and nothing came up having anything to do with him talking about rape.

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    I feel Meek’s Anger!!!! I agree with him “Jomo” is tring to get fame from Meek!!! Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

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  • MIssT

    Meeks Mill- Just doesn’t get it, it isn’t about what he does for the community. Its about making a song in which you ” are acting as if you are in Church, praising the LORD.. saying AMEN” AND your talking about drinking, partying and Having SEX.. It’s not Correct.. at all… It’s Blasphemy.. { GOOGLE it} AND that’s all the pastor should of got into with him about..