Kid Cudi – Just What I Am (Feat. King Chip)

Kid Cudi - Just What I Am (Feat. King Chip)

Kid Cudi drops a new track from his upcoming album Indicud, titled “Just What I Am” featuring King Chip aka Chip Tha Ripper. It’s definitely cool to hear some new Kid Cudi rhymes, but KING Chip? Ha! Kid Cudi also handled the production on this one. Cudi recently revealed his new album Indicud will be inspired by the style of Dr. Dre‘s The Chronic.

Source: Complex

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  • Kyle_Gillen

    @Staleyy wow. He’s back!

    • Staleyy

      @Kyle_Gillen Fuck yeah he is!!

      • Kyle_Gillen

        @Staleyy that was legibly old cud that I just heard!

        • Staleyy

          @Kyle_Gillen My day is made.

        • Kyle_Gillen

          @Staleyy Yea it definatly changed how mine was going. It just made me smile.

  • Mike Machado

    Evan Callahan

  • Ahmad Jaffal

    I gotta get used to chips new name… Lol

  • Drew Cauthen

    It’s just not the same not hearing him say “chip tha rip”

  • matt40oz

    @Bobba_Dick1224 thanks so much bro!!!!!!!!

  • RyannGannon

    @jordannsinger yesssss

    • jordannsinger

      @RyannGannon chip tha rippp and kiddo! even though he’s not chip tha ripper anymore. hahah it’s too good though

  • tylergonz5

    @ledoux_james its sick!!!!!

    • ledoux_james

      @tylergonz5 thats what im saying!

      • tylergonz5

        @ledoux_james i love it!

  • RoloSaidSo

    @RaiSoFli lol I he that nigga

  • Cmoney775

    @D_NewCarSmell aha you listen to it?

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  • Corey Zeimen

    Kid Cudi – Just What IAm (Ft. King Chip)

    a very heart touching and booding song. Review: