The 10 Best Songs Produced By Kanye West

The 10 Best Songs Produced By Kanye West

With the release of Cruel Summer just around the corner (despite multiple pushbacks), I’ve begun to notice something very strange around the blogosphere. People STILL diss Kanye West. Now I’m not saying Yeezy is the end all and be all of rap music, but it’s time to pay respect. Seriously, how’s Taylor Swift‘s career doing? (Edit: her new album R.E.D. has had smashing commercial success but she still sucks.) Where is that single that rivals “Mercy” and it’s platinum status ? Where is that upcoming album that rivals the hype of Cruel Summer ? Oh wait, that little girl peaked when Kanye mentioned her name, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. Yet Kanye West naysayers still bring moot points like that controversy up constantly when trying to downplay his talent, success, celebrity, popularity, net worth or anything else they’d like to pretend Kanye West doesn’t have. You don’t have to like Yeezy, you don’t have to buy his albums, you don’t have to watch his music videos, but you should still respect everything he has done for music. The truth about Kanye West is if you enjoy rap at all, he has produced some of your favorite songs, your favorite rappers favorite songs, and some of the best music of this generation. Okay, enough ranting for now it’s time to pay our respects.

Hit the jump for the 10 Best Songs Produced By Kanye West.

10. The Game – Wouldn’t Get Far (Feat. Kanye West)

Starting off our list is a hit single from The Game titled “Wouldn’t Get Far” featuring Kanye West. In this song Kanye uses his now staple “Louder” sample, taken from Mountain‘s “Long Red” record. The video for this single dropped in 2007, just before the release of Yeezy‘s Graduation project. It lives on The Game‘s Doctor’s Advocate album, which is available on iTunes.

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  • WordsSmith

    @RapDose Hi, I wish to show you @TurboTDouble’s ‘Venom’. Shot by Choreographer of @KanyeWest’s ‘Runaway’

  • Ahmad Jaffal

    Shoot me down

  • DScott

    I believe Taylor Swift’s new single is on pace to break Lady Gaga’s digital downloads record, though

  • afosh

    actually power was produced by symbolyc one, kanye only tweaked it

  • AbdullahAhmedHD

    The best song produced by kanye as a beat is celebration

  • TeamKanyeDaily

    RT @kylefall Check out my most recent article “The 10 Best Songs Produced By Kanye West” if you haven’t read it yet

  • kop_103

    @kylefall POWER was actually produced by @symbolycone Kyle.

    • kylefall

      @kop_103 @SymbolycOne yet yeezy claims to have spent 5000 hours Power & also gets slapped with a co-production credit

      • kop_103

        @kylefall production even if he isn’t the main producer (Niggas is Paris, New Day for example).

        • kylefall

          @kop_103 Only issue is “The 10 Best Songs Kanye West Had A Hand In Producing” is a little bit long-winded for a headline.

        • kop_103

          @kylefall I think you’ll find there are plenty of other great tracks that could have been included instead of POWER which Kanye did produce.

      • kop_103

        @kylefall I’m not disputing that he didn’t he co-produce it. You’ll find with the majority of Kanye tracks that he is involved with the….

  • DScott

    5000 hours is over 200 days. Over half a year on one track? :-/ Heard ‘Em Say with Adam Levine and We Major would probably top my list

  • kylefall

    @OVOXO_Planet thanks for tweeting my article hope you liked it!

    • OVOXO_Planet

      @kylefall Definetely Enjoyed it. Yeezy taught me. Who do you support Real or Barca?

      • kylefall

        @OVOXO_Planet I cheer for the team that didn’t call Kaka up :(