Music Preview: 50 Cent, Eminem & Adam Levine “My Life” (The Game & Young Buck Diss)

Music Preview: 50 Cent, Eminem & Adam Levine "My Life" (The Game & Young Buck Diss)

50 Cent is set to debut his new single “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine live on NBC‘s show The Voice tomorrow night, with an official video which was shot in Detroit to be released shortly after, but for those who can’t wait until then, Myspace put out a thirty second preview six days ago (that went unnoticed until now) of the new track which features the business minded rapper we all know and love rhyming over a beat by S1, who is famous for the work he did on Kanye West‘s track “Power.”

In the short preview, 50 Cent also sends jabs toward former G-Unit members The Game and Young Buck, who he says he tried to help but they both stabbed him in the back.

The Game is currently on the verge of releasing his new album Jesus Piece and his new television show “Marrying The Game” recently debuted, while Young Buck is currently behind bars for weapon charges.

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UPDATE: Click here to watch the official My Life music video directed by Rich Lee

Music Preview: 50 Cent, Eminem & Adam Levine My Life (The Game & Young Buck Diss)

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  • Dato Chutkera


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  • Bradley Sawler

    The Games newer albums are much better then anything 50 has put out in the last few years, he’s a bit late to try dissing. Hope game does some freestyle retaliation haha

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  • FortysFather

    The Game already killed 50cent with 300bars. He will put him to bed in his next song he is lyrically better.50 just has catchy hooks.

  • The Troll Champion

    Nah 50> Buck and GAYME Game has been slowly slipping away after he left g-unit. and young buck, I still like him but its over for him. 50 is where its at right now. Maybe if they stood loyal they would still be on top but nope, now look at them, they are both literally begging 50 cent to give them another chance at g-unit because they know that they would be making wayyy more money while maintaining their relevance there also.@ FortysFather STFU Nobody even gave a shit about his 300 bars just like they wouldn’t give two shits if he did 500 bars. 50 don’t care and neither does anyone else he’s a faggot like YOU! >xD@Bradley Sawler Please, the games sales are much lower than 50’s go eat a dick you fucking faggot as bitch LOL!  Only thing game will do for retaliation will be to beg 50 to get back in G-Unit. The fuck is a kid named “Bradley” listening to rap anyway, go back to justin beiber you fucking faggot >xD!! LMAO!

  • TorranceMcLin

    At it again

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