Lil B – I’m The Badass (Joey Badass Diss)

Lil B - I'm The Badass (Joey Badass Diss)

Uh oh. Lil B decided to appear in rare form and fire shots in Joey Badass‘ direction after some back and forth over Twitter. The Based God definitely displays his skills when he’s in a beef. Joey better watch out. Remember what Lil B did to Joe Budden? If you don’t I’ll refresh you after the jump.

Pink Flame coming soon.

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Throwback: Lil B – T-Shirt & Buddens (Joe Budden Diss)

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  • Zenfluence

    Umm “Kenny”…you call this or the Buddens diss a display of “skills”? Just Wow homie…still love the site though..but

    • Kenny

      You gotta admit the Joe Budden diss is a lot different than any other Lil B stuff you ever heard though.

      • Zenfluence

        I don’t hear much Lil B but I will give you that one…but it’s kinda like.. I walk into a stall after someone that just took a dump, if it doesn’t smell as bad as the last time I did it I’m not gonna say “hmm don’t smell to bad” lol Kid has spirit though for goin at lyricists when he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • Mali-km

    yeah when lil b really try he is better then just the same dude puttin a similar song and video out every other fuckin day thats like one in 3000 tho. He played out for me in early 2011 and couldn’t threaten any major player in a real rap battle or beef.

    • Kyle Fall

      yeah. i don’t disagree. if Lil B put forth an honest studio effort it likely wouldn’t be terrible.