Joey Badass Deleted His Twitter Account Because Of Lil B Fans

Joey Badass Deleted His Twitter Account Because Of Lil B Fans

All this week Joey Badass‘ Twitter mentions have been on fire after going toe to toe with Lil B in a rap beef that started over the popular social network and ended with diss tracks from the two toward each other.

Joey Badass was fed so much from Lil B‘s fans or as they call themselves “task force” that the upcoming emcee couldn’t handle it anymore and has deleted his Twitter account.

Before deleting his account Joey Badass sent out a few messages going at Lil B‘s fans and calling the “task force” homophobic slurs.

As the Lil B defending tweets continued rolling in, Joey Badass‘ anger built up and eventually he sent out his final words below before deleting his account.

I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter.

Where is the love?

Lil B sure didn’t quit his day job. But did Joey?

Joey Badass‘ frustration was also seen on his Facebook account. Check out a screenshot of his Facebook timeline after the break.

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  • Kyle Fall

    Lil B might have just taken his first career.

    • Anthony Jones

      this will actually be his third career. Ask Joe Budden and David Banner

      • Kyle Fall

        I’m sure the older Joey B can make it work still. That was one fire diss song tho.

    • vic

      lil b cant rap. he lost joey deleted his twitter cuz fagforce kept spamming it. lil b cant even rap and he knows it. fuck him joey is on top

      • Kyle Fall

        ignorance is bliss

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    • regular guy

      get a life

  • RISE


  • Tyler Giggi

    Joey’s so fucking stupid. He’s got talent but damn, he’s either gullible as fuck or the most unpleasant short-fuse in the world

  • Bitch Mob Hitta

    Protect Lil B At All Cost

    • One1_Time

      You sir are a dick rider

      • Bitch Mob Hitta

        Don’t Get Mad B/C #TaskForce Ran Ur Favorite Rapper Off Of Twitter He Shouldn’t Have Been Talkin Wreckless

        • One1_Time

          Timeout… first off #TaskForce can suck a dick yall some internet fags. Second joey isnt my favorite he’s one of my top since he can “actually rap.” Third take Lil b dick out mouth you’ve been sucking on it to long.

          • Bitch Mob Hitta

            Time Out??? WTF Is This A Video Game Just STFU Dude Your Gay

          • One1_Time

            Getting Mad i see, Groupie

          • Bitch Mob Hitta’s Dad

            bitch mob forgot that lil b is “gay” LLOLOL faggass dickriders,

          • vic

            your a dickriding fat so is all the other task force faggots. get a life and stop sucking on bs nuts and listen to some real rap. lil b sounds like hes got a retardation problem when he raps, and my dick can make more sense than him. fuckin bandwaggoners. #FUCKLILB

          • Bitch Mob Hitta

            “retardation” Is That Really A Word? LMFAO Just STFU Lil B Runs Your Life

          • conor

            yes retardation is a word i can see why youre with taskforce you’re obviously a total dipshit

        • 1978 In the Bronx

          Your a crumb, jocking some cat like a male transexual groupie, your a toy ass new school pink alien.

  • Shawn Holt

    What the fuck is going on lol. Lil B probably one of the worst rappers in the game and Joey Bada$$ one of the best up and coming talents (who also had the better diss) is deleting his twitter because of #WackForce? Lol this game is fucked. Sideways.

  • Stefano DiMera

    We love you Based God

  • Blah Blah Bllllllll

    Task Force? Nah, Fag Force, a bunch of dick riders who dont even really know Lil B smh yall protecting someone who dont even care nor fucck with you lmao sad, tragic, sad, Prolly a bunch of white boys who are wanna be “rebels” who “dont give a fuck” and Be Like Tyler The Creator and like an artist who everyone else hates to be “different”

  • vic giannon

    all you task force faggots are all lil b dick riding fagget bandwaggoners. learn real music you stupid fucks or let lil b speak for himself fuckheads. #FUCKTASKFORCE #BANDWAGGONERS

  • DoDo Bird

    Task force and lil b are gay fags who should kill themselves. Joey badass and pro era all day everyday.

  • conor

    yall taskforce niggas are lame as shit. lil b is funny cause his music totally blows but yall are going out of your way to harass people to protect the least talented rapper alive, it’s pathetic. like there’s a million things to be about and you choose to be about this taskforce shit? fucking loser ass niggas yall need to off yourselves.

  • Terry Dow Jr.

    Joey Bada$$ twitter is restored and he is still keeping it real in the rap game whether y’all like him or not!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Dow