Kanye West 2013 Album Snippets

Kanye West 2013 Album Snippets

During a recent Hudson Mohawke live show, a few snippets of songs from Kanye West‘s 2013 album were previewed. The tracks sound like the same songs Kanye debuted at the Met Gala in New York, but this time the audio is actually listenable.

If this is any indication of what Kanye‘s new album will be like, it’s different. Don’t worry though, I mean that as a compliment. Them beats alone got me excited. Futuristic yet still got that bounce we deserve.

Rumored titles for the project have been “Rich Black American” and “Black American Psycho,” and while the titles haven’t been confirmed, on one of the tracks previewed, Kanye clearly dubs himself a psycho. Not saying Black American Psycho is the title, but it sure would seem fitting.

After the break check out two videos featuring a couple new unheard tunes.

Part 1

Part 2

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5 responses to “Kanye West 2013 Album Snippets”

  1. Michel B says:

    You guys are ungrateful pricks for not giving cred to caspier, the one who actually recorded these snippets.

    • Kyle Fall says:

      I didn’t write this article but anyone who doesn’t want their videos shared via the internet probably shouldn’t upload them publicly to youtube. zzzz.

      • Michel B says:

        Guess we’re gonna have to make a private section on KTT, where you guys don’t get access to our shit. It’s not hard to add a lil Source: KTT or Shoutout to caspier @ kanyetothe for recording these videos.

        • Kyle Fall says:

          You can do whatever you like. Enjoy less hits on your youtube uploads. Create a “private” section if you want.You didn’t even provide a source in your comments, just complaints. Also the dimensions of your avatar are skewed. Get a job.

          • Michel B says:

            Wtf? I have a job that probably pays more than yours, what does that have to do with anything?

            I’m not the uploader but I still think a little shoutout should be in order. And I really don’t give a fuck about my dimensions in my avatar, I just linked it from Facebook.

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