Riff Raff Banned From Hot 97’s Summer Jam XX

Riff Raff Banned From Hot 97's Summer Jam XX

Apparently trashing Riff Raff for 20 minutes wasn’t enough for the crew at Hot97. In a recent interview Hot 97′s program director Ebroski asked Riff Raff if he’s making a mockery of hip-hop and the culture surrounding it, questioning if it’s all just a costume and comparing him to a modern Vanilla Ice. The conversation got heated but Jody Highroller remained respectful as always. The following day Ebro continued to go on about “White Boy Rap” on a show he somehow manages to call “The Realness”, spewing a bunch more trash talk he couldn’t manage to say to his face. Early this morning, the controversial rapper hit Twitter to announce his disappointment in being BANNED from this year’s Summer Jam XX festivities. What a surprise! Hey they need some sort of beef to sell tickets every year right? Either way, this is on some really messed up reverse racism concept.  Whoever made this decision at Hot 97 is taking their own personal music preference (or worse) and putting it ahead of what the fans paying the price of admission want. Whether you like Riff or not he was voted 2nd overall in fan balloting. Why bring up Yelawolf, Eminem or any other white rapper in the argument. Why does race have to be brought into the equation?

See the interview, the alleged “Realness” and Riff Raff‘s reaction to being banned below. Either way, Ebro is the joke not Jody Highroller. Maybe he should quit rap and become a personal stylist he seems to care about how other people look an awfully lot.

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  • Mushdagrt

    Um nigga your mixed….lol..ironically with all the bullshit going on in hip hop he chooses to scapegoat & attack riff raff…how many rappers wear jewelry…how many have some silly tats….i could go on …but my point is nigga wont say something to gucci..or game…ross…about that shit …somebody who isnt as passive & carefree about shit…mufucker seemed genuinely upset @ that dude …i can understand if you dont like his music but that shit was disrespectful…& riff raff was trting to tapdance around this nigga ebros negativity but it was just blatant & persistent…like let him live..do you say nigga, are you from the block..mufuckers not even that type of rapper & hes may tgat clear plenty of times…hip hop needs balance…i dont want to here jeezy talking bout selling dope every day ….or hes addresses how damaging riff raffs alleged imagery is ….get on these mufuckers glorifying all this other shit….call some of these cats out for the shit they do ….what made it even worse isvthe fact your were in that mans face but kept the super greasy shit he wanted to say inside until he had the oppurtunity to air it out when ole boy wasnt around….that shit right there is fraudaulent as fuck….you cant really respect the shit a nigga say if hes not willing to address the shit right then & there…

  • Mushdagrt

    Mufucker had the nerve to bring up em…like he aint never been on no silly shit…fucking real slim shady, purple pills..etc

  • box5

    I don’t think he should be banned, that’s wack, but that reverse racism shit, get the fuck outta here. I swear white folk stay on that bullshit knowing damn well they the money behind this shit. Stop crying whitey, go through what brothas and sistas go through than talk that, until that happens just say ebro is extra with his opinion and decision to ban riff raff. Simple yell

  • Z.A

    personally this makes me very happy for Hip-hop. I will never understand how “artists” like This guy are so popular, he should not be playing any festivals or shows.