No New Friends: Rappers Old Tweets Exposed On Twitter

No New Friends: Rappers Old Tweets Exposed On Twitter

You really got to watch what you say on Twitter, especially if you plan on one day being a big name rapper and collaborating with other big name rappers. Late last night many Twitter users including myself and most notably SargeWP, took part in a massive find using Twitter’s powerful search feature. A good amount of rappers old tweets were gathered…and most of them weren’t in a positive light. Actually…none of them were in a positive light. In the music industry, you really don’t know who you can trust. No New Friends.

Artist such as ASAP Rocky, Iggy Azalea, Action Bronson, Schoolboy Q, Kreayshawn, Meek Mill, Travis Scott, Rockie Fresh and more have old tweets they probably wish they would have never posted.

After the break catch some screencaps of some our favorite old rapper tweets. Some of which have been deleted from Twitter…or are about to be deleted from Twitter.

Travis Scott used to diss his G.O.O.D. Music partner Big Sean on Twitter.

big sean

And Big Sean isn’t the only artist Travis is currently working with who he once displayed hate toward. Jay-Z was also a target of Travis Scott‘s old tweets…and now he’s contributing to Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Crazy how the world works. If Hov seen these tweets I bet things would be different.


And nope, Travis Scott wasn’t done there. He also displayed his dislike of the current man he’s signed to, T.I., in his old Tweets.


That’s not a good look for Travis Scott is it? But wait…it’s worse. After these tweets went viral, Travis began deleting the tweets to pretend they never existed. Travis must have had a lot more dirt he didn’t want seen.

LMAOYep, you see that correctly. In an attempt to hide all of his Tweets, Travis shot himself in the foot, using an online script that auto deletes all of your old tweets for you, but it also alerted everybody that he’s using it. Epic fail. In the first screencap we posted Travis Scott called Big Sean fake…my oh my have the tables turned.

Kreayshawn was once under fire for saying the N-word. Kreayshawn later said she didn’t ever use the N-word. We all know that was lies because of audio that surfaced but her old tweets are just icing on the cake.

Screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1.47.34-AM-1 Screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1.47.52-AM-1Screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1.48.19-AM-1

Action Bronson‘s old tweets are reckless. He didn’t like Drake, or ASAP Rocky at all.

action bronson 1

Action Bronson is currently managed by Eminem‘s manager Paul Rosenberg but that didn’t keep him from dissing Marshall in 2010.


Macklemore didn’t like Eminem winning Best Rap Album at the 2011 Grammys. In fact, the “Can’t Hold Us” hit maker believes the album Recovery could have been used as a Frisbee.


ASAP Rocky or his manager Yams, who supposedly operated the account at the time hated everybody.

Screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1.40.07-AM-1 Screen-shot-2013-06-25-at-1.39.58-AM

Is Kanye West gay? French Montana thinks so. According to his old tweets he knows it for sure.


Rockie Fresh, Tyler, The Creator, MGK, Schoolboy Q, Domo Genesis, and Danny Brown all contributed to voicing their opinion of not liking Wale at one point in their Twitter careers.

1 2 3 4 5 6

On October 13th 2009 BET held their Hip Hop Awards show taping. Rockie Fresh wanted his boss’ enemy 50 Cent to knock somebody out…we wonder who?



Meek Mill is a fan of 50 Cent

meek mill 50 cent

Iggy Azalea‘s old tweets were retweeted so much Nicki Minaj saw them and started a hashtag we think is aimed at Iggy, #yaMIGHTfoolDEMbutDAKidBEENknewUwasAFraudHoe. The tweet Nicki posted with the hashtag was later removed.



Iggy then wrote some 2013 tweets about being allowed to have an opinion, and how she had a change of heart.


Schoolboy Q once dissed Cam’ron and Jim Jones.

BNlNxSyCAAAfyO4.png large


Wiz Khalifa‘s wife Amber Rose won’t be happy about these tweets…Rick Ross neither.


Freddie Gibbs disses Wale, Papoose, Drake and Bow Wow.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.41.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.43.30 PM

Royce Da 5’9″ makes fun of Drake.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.43.06 PM

The moral of the story is…watch what you say on Social Media, if you don’t want it to one day be brought to light.

Update: Action Bronson is sticking by his old tweets.

action bronson reacts


Update: School Boy Q responds:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.42.45 PM

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  • LowSucksBro

    To be fair to Rocky, Yams was using the account at that time.

  • Loch121

    LOL my tweets would end the world as we know it Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • bong

    smh Hiphop doesn’t need a TMZ Kenny. That’s pussy on your part for trying to stir up issues. Attempting to fuck up paychecks is hoe shit

    • Kenny

      If I was trying to be TMZ, I would have posted Havoc’s private photos yesterday. Stirring up issues how? I didn’t force these artists to write these tweets!

      • itzmurda

        Somebody pasted the tweets on KTT by themselves and they were funny. Your post appears to lean towards instigating a future problem between artists. “who he once displayed hate toward” etc However, I’m glad you explained the significance of some (ie Travis is working on Jays new album and that’s why that tweet is ironic etc)

        • Kyle Fall

          gotta back Kenny on this one. hilarious article. the truth hurts.

    • newdelorean

      They fucking up their own checks dummy

      • Kyle Fall


  • itzmurda

    Funny shit, but the whole “The moral of the story is…watch what you say on Social Media, if you don’t want it to one day be brought to light” message is wack. Now there is gonna be a lot less personality on Twitter. Thanks Rapdose.

    • Kyle Fall

      right because Rap Dose is the catalyst of Twitter drama.

  • Adrian Marcus

    It’s old shit, I wouldn’t hold it against none of them. If you do, you’re the type of nigga who hold grudges like a petty female.

    • Kyle Fall

      Not that nice to collect checks from someone you publicly slandered like in the instance of Travis though.

      • Adrian Marcus

        That was two years ago, Travis feelings were coming from a bitch made place. That’s TWO years ago. He wasn’t eating and young so of course he was going to do whack shit like this.

        • Kyle Fall

          Still shows how quickly he will turn if business goes sour. Why keep someone like that on the payroll? Ask Gucci Mane, Loyalty = Royalties.

          • Adrian Marcus

            That’s very true, but I believe Travis knows not to rub people the wrong way or lash out if things go sour. He’s studied and been in the industry long enough to know what not to do. You have to remember he’s a human with emotions, also.

          • Kyle Fall

            This is why many of these artists should cut back on loudpacks and hand some money to a PR person.


    @adrianmarcus:disqus wouldn’t it be a petty bitch move to throw insults at someone then hide your tail between your legs? This article is hilarious though!

  • ATown

    No matter what these corny rappers do… they’re always corny fans running right behind them to defend their actions.

    Who cares if it is 2 years ago? These cats weren’t humble then, they aren’t humble now. Folks call others haters all the time if they don’t like a rapper, but if another rapper does it, it’s “they’re young, they were in a different place.” These rappers aren’t your fathers or role models. They’re just as petty as most other people.

    • Kyle Fall

      amen. we are all people.

  • DjaDja

    Them todays rappers are all fake.

    Honestly, only real rappers today are Nas and Wayne. They never diss unless it’s official record..

    All of these niggas is fake.

    Drake is good though, but thats Drake.

    But Travis with the biggest L in the world right there..

    Props to KTT for this one :)

    • ATown

      Wayne: ” I would say these hoes names, but then that would be snitching.” – Love Me

      “I f*cked Chris Bosh’s wife” – After “Love Me” came out

      You were saying?

      • Kyle Fall

        yeah his comment is ridiculous

  • Trey Michaels

    This shit is crazy

  • JLC12

    niggas really didnt like

  • DEEZY210

    all these dudes are like hoes gossiping talkin shit like nobody is gonna hear about it

  • newdelorean

    Damn I gotta say I’m disappointed with bronsolino how u gonna talk shit about rocky then be all cool with him now. Btw I dont understand all the hate towards wale, most of those tweets came from 09-10 when wales music was the best imo (mixtape about nothing) I guess I was wrong about rick ross cause that muthafucka saw something in wale that only me and a few niggas saw

    • Illuminati

      They did have beef in the past tho, asap rocky even said it in a inteview i think it was breakfast club but then they squashed in like 2011 or early 2012

  • kingyoungkapo

    That’s not even wiz khalifa real twitter account it’s @RealWizKhalifa

  • kingyoungkapo

    I was wrong that is wiz real account

  • Maine Tech The Great


  • Matny

    I would respect most of these rappers if they just stood by what they said, everybody has an opinion but thats all it is….an opinion

  • thiskidisfunny

    If I became a famous rapper right now everyone but Luda would hate me

  • Illuminati

    My minions were rascals back then muwahaha

  • BreeGotCake

    Lets all be real now, there are people at one point you didn’t like but after getting to know them y’all are cool with now. There are people you once was friends with but don’t fuck with no more because their true colors started to show…long story short people change over time. Beside who has time to look up what people said years ago?

  • ShyneOnMe1 .

    Wale>Rockie Fresh ANYDAY tho


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  • Dutch Schultz

    Men acting like girls, when did this become cool?