The O’Reilly Factor Blames Drake For Paula Deen Dropping N-Bombs

The O'Reilly Factor Blames Drake For Paula Deen Dropping N-Bombs

Paula Deen recently sat down on The Today Show and let some tears loose while saying the youth need to stop calling themselves the n-word, claiming she’s not racist, and trying to make people forget her racist ways. Let’s face it, we all know Paula Deen is full of shit and just trying to save her ass. Now on The O’Reilly Factor for no reason whatsoever, they decided to use Drake‘s popular single “Started From The Bottom” as an example of the youth being brainwashed to call each other the n-word. Paula Deen used the n-word because she thought it was okay because the youth call themselves the n-word? Yeah, okay. And now it’s all Drake‘s fault because he says the n-word on his hit song? Man, Fox News gotta chill. I bet Paula Deen been dropping n-bombs her whole damn life. Creepy ass cracker.

Drake’s Started From The Bottom on The O’Reilly Factor

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  • Kyle Fall

    Drake could be the scapegoat for a lot of things, but not this.

  • Ellis Watson

    Lol why these fools trying to blame Drake? She’s a grown ass woman and she knew what she was doing. If there was any doubt in her mind that using the N word would offend people, she would never have even considered saying it.

    • Kyle Fall

      I disagree. You shouldn’t hold back saying something with the concern it might offend someone. However, you shouldn’t deliberately try to offend someone either, which is the context that the word is often placed into.

      • Ellis Watson

        I’m fine with that, and I believe in free speech and whatnot. What I don’t get is how she thought it was ok to use the word and talk of a plantation wedding and not expect any backlash whatsoever.
        This is 2013. People look for any excuse to get offended nowadays. She’s really stupid if she thought absolutely nothing would happen and everyone would think it was hunky dory. I don’t particularly care seeing as it doesn’t offend me, but I know others out there will kick up a fuss.

  • Asia James

    She was using the n word way before Drake was even born

  • Mushdagrt

    Smh…whats even crazier is the majority of these sheep are probably buying in to that notion…

  • RacistDose

    I agree it’s BS, but how are you going to get mad and then be racist yourselves? “Creepy ass cracker”? wtf.

    • Kyle Fall

      Well again, I’d like to clarify that just because someone wrote an article doesn’t mean it represents the beliefs of every writer we have in our staff. I did not write this article. Secondly, is it racist if a white person calls another white person a cracker? I suppose that could be up for debate as well…

      • RacistDose

        I don’t like her and I do not agree with anything she has said. But I think it’d dumb to write an article about her being racist and then use a racial term against her. Takes away all credibility of your argument (not yours specifically, since you didn’t write the article).

    • Riley Freeman

      Why is everybody trying to deflect this situation away from Paula Deen and place the blame on black people. She’s a racist, period.

  • dont worry

    all stupid. everyone uses the n word in a hateful way so people , everyone stop trying to act like you dont thats why when people say it playfully everyone thinks its bad because immediately people think its wrong. and if you dont wanna be called nigger dont call yourselfs it. simple as that