10 Upcoming Rappers You Need To Know

10 Upcoming Rappers You Need To Know

The music industry is a highly competitive market. Artists are found every single day while others are lost in the forever changing, unpredictable ocean that is the music scene. This is no more evident than in the rap genre. With the progression of the internet and the availability of recording programs, almost anyone on this planet of over seven billion people can create music. The advent and popularity of Youtube and the thousands of blogs that are on the infinite spectrum of the Internet has given artists all over the world a platform to rise through the ranks. This advance has given writers, fans, and everyone in between infinite amounts of content from artists new and old. The Internet has allowed upcoming artists to get notice and literally build a career from the ground up.

I wanted to continue this trend of word of mouth, keyboard to screen to reader, promotion that has allowed various artists to flourish in the shark infested waters that is the music industry. I feel as if it is my duty to spread the music of artists who I think are entirely too talented not to be noticed. Below I have included 10 upcoming artists that I think you need to become familiar with and need to be on the look out for in the near future. On the list I have included Chicago upstart Chance The Rapper who exploded onto the scene this past year, Vince Staples who recently linked up with Mac Miller‘s producer moniker Larry Fisherman for a collaborative mixtape, Deniro Farrar who brings an undeniably gritty aspect to a fairly generic rap game, and seven other artists who I ensure will not disappoint.

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Chance The Rapper

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Chicago based upstart Chance The Rapper hit the ground running this year and has yet to look back. Based on his lively performances and visuals you would think this kid never tires. He recently dropped what has been regarded by many as the release of the year thus far, his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap. Chance’s unique voice, sporadic flow, raucous yet at times deathly serious style has captivated audiences throughout the world. His use of ad-libs often has us laughing at times, but then a track later he is reminding us that he is from the always dangerous city of Chicago with lines such as “Down here it is easier to find a gun than a parking spot.” Chance doesn’t allow the concrete jungle to affect him negatively and instead simply tells it how it is and how he has successfully overcome the streets on his rise to the top.

Acid Rap provided us with 14 records which give us an idea of why he is being regarded as one of the most promising upcoming rappers in the game right now. With features from Childish GambinoAction BronsonAb-Soul, and many more, the young Chi-town kid certainly holds his own when lined-up next to these various hip hop heavyweights. Only 20-years-old Chance is making unique, thought provoking hip hop music beyond his years. The 14-track effort gives us a glance into his life and an idea of just how special he is as an artist. We can only hope he continues his path of hip hop dominance with his extremely unique style of music.

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    I hadn’t heard Love At First Sound prior to writing this but I’ll sure to keep an eye out in the future. That song was pretty fresh

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    most of these artists are already buzzing. Dig deeper.

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      your statement is false.

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    Every major label in the game has an eye on this kid! http://www.audiomack.com/album/tay-g/magna-carta-holy-shit

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    Louie is already signed to epic

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    Check out upcominghiphop.com for all the best upcoming rappers in the game.

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    logic?, Chris Webby ?, d lector ? dizzy write ?

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      I can get behind Dizzy Wright

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    Dfd? KYLE? Wax?

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    More than anyone else, this article put me onto Deniro Farrar.

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    rejjie snow?

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    You can’t mention Jersey without bringin up the
    Yacht Club – Get That Paper (Official Video)

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    Wtf they didnt put LRG Jefe in that list? ARE THEY CRAZY? Smh anyway LRG Jefe’s newest mixtape out now DOWNLOAD ASAP AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! http://www.datpiff.com/LrgJefe-Loyalty-Royalty-Grind-mixtape.573420.html

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    This list is definitely mssing GOLD, Stevie Diamond, and Steeze Loueeze. Those dudes are fire. Steeze just topped “doin numbder” Gold “Crazy in Luv” and Stevie “You know that” like come on. How could they forget them?

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    nah they suck

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    Am still upcoming artist