Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Official Music Video)

Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Official Music Video)

Kanye West releases the official music video for “Black Skinhead.” This song is the first single from Yeezus, which is out now everywhere. No projections for this, but it’s surely a different approach to a music video than we’re used to seeing.

Update: Removed at the request of the RIAA.

Update 2: Kanye West tweets about the video leak.






Update 3: Kanye West has released the official “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” video. Click the link in the Kanye‘s Tweet below to watch it.


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  • Stu

    That’s a really bad video…looks like it was done by a high schooler learning 3D Studio Max and after effects.

  • I.M. P. Incorrect

    This song sounds like he’s been hanging out at the Industrial Goth clubs in L.A. and picking up some music tips. That or he’s been chillin with Trent Reznor.

    • http://www.rapdose.com/ Kyle Fall

      as per usual Kanye pushes the envelope on what is acceptable in this genre.

    • Derek

      Not Trent Reznor but the song was produced by Daft Punk (no joke) and dark french techno artists Gesaffelstein and Brodinski. Been a long time fan of all 3, never Kanye though

  • Zach J

    I refuse to believe this is an official video, it looks like it should be an interactive one where you could upload a picture of yourself or something

  • thefamshop.com

    I can appreciate art, but you need drugs to appreciate this art…a lot of drugs

  • Cesar

    This is really awesome. And what a cool video, This reminds me of being 6 years old on Windows ’95 watching the first gif that ever came out of that dancing oogachaka baby.


    this is trash, lyrics, visuals, message everything is just awful smh

  • @thefranklawson

    I loved that shit!!!

  • kutter

    You have to be pretty dumb to believe that video is official.

  • Steve

    Actually the “300″ were Greek.

    • Krisztián Gyuró

      Actually the 300 stands for CCC in roman. what stands for “Cool, Calm, and Collected.”

      • d

        that’s not kanye at all

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