Eminem – Berzerk (Full Song)

Eminem goes “Berzerk” on the new single from Marshall Mathers LP 2, set to drop November 5th. Produced by Rick Rubin.

The single comes a little earlier than expected, thanks to a Shade 45 debut. Expect the track to hit iTunes in a couple of hours. This is the FULL SONG that we heard snippets of on the 2 commercials that aired during the MTV Video Music Awards show last night. Your favorite blonde emcee is back!

UPDATE: No more radio rip. Listen to “Berzerk” how it’s meant to be heard. And if you got them, listen through your #NewBeatsStudios too.

UPDATE 2: Like what you hear? The song is now available on iTunes! Buy it here.

Eminem Berzerk Single Cover

Eminem MMLP 2

The Real Slim Shady is BACK!

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 November 5 Banner

Eminem #MMLP2

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  • chris


  • chris

    Did anyone just listen to this song in disbelief because of the disappointment that just smacked them in the face? I hope this was for Encore 2

    • Isaac Marshall

      im not sure if i should be sad or angry

      • chris

        I just don’t really get it. Like, wtf is he even rapping about? Would have fathered another not afraid type of single. But no, lets rap about nothing with a weird voice and go back into the direction that made my fans hate me. K

        • Isaac Marshall

          Its really fucking dissapointing… I thought he was back, but i get it now. He doesnt give a shit as long as hes stacking millions. Im pissed off, this trash comes nowhere close to anything on mmlp

        • Darkrain

          Dude you should slap yourself. MMLP Eminem sold way more than Recovery Eminem, so your point is invalid.

          • Isaac Marshall

            What the fuck are you talking about dumbass? Im saying his new shit it horrible in comparison to MMLP. Learn how to read before commenting something totally unrelated.

    • RyanBritishSteelWhitelaw

      This ‘garbage’ is the closest thing to authentic hip-hop that’s been released in years. Going to complain about his lyrics being simplistic in the song? Guess what, all 80’s rappers had simplistic lyrics and that’s what this song is a throwback to that period of hip-hop.

      Anyone who can dislike this should not call themselves a fan of hip-hop.

      • http://www.rapdose.com/ Kyle Fall



    This has a great energy to it… Very Bold and Fresh…

  • Isaac Marshall

    im dissapointed…

    • Darkrain

      Who cares how you feel?

      • Isaac Marshall

        obviously you if you would take time to reply, dickhead.

  • Isaac Marshall

    Fucking no flow accents

    • Darkrain

      Accents? This is Marshall Mathers LP 2 not Relapse 2

  • chris

    Great energy? He’s yelling and talking in that weird voice.. wtf man. Recovery was soooo dope. I heard mmlp2 I almost shit myself and this is the single? Should have stuck with survival.

    • Darkrain

      You’re not an Eminem fan if you think Recovery was his best album. Period.

  • Andre

    Too much going on in the song. Hopefully the album is better.

  • peter

    Sick track. Very new age, lots of energy, not ur typical money bitches and gun nonsense. This is just a teaser folks. Can’t wait till the album drops. Refreshing.

    • Isaac Marshall

      this shit sounds like an encore track… its nothing near mmlp his new album should be fucking encore 2 with the low quality shit hes releasing

      • T.A.R.D.I.S.

        This song shits on over half of Recovery and all of Encore.

  • Andre

    I like he’s trying to go old school with the vibe, but the best part of the song was literally the first 15 seconds…..

    • John

      if you are old enough , you would know what year and time the samples he used are from. Get familiar son.

  • Andre

    Survival has a much better flow, and I thought Surivival was average.

  • iketheArtist

    This track is ALL OVER THE PLACE…wayyyy to much going on here yo….what the fuck was Rick Rubin thinking..seriously…some parts even sound like they are clipping…no bueno man…no bueno.

    • Eternally Sleepy

      The clipping is the effect of turning a radio dial…. Listen to the song man and decipher it.

  • Truth

    I mean as far as singles go, I find it a very nice reminiscing old school hip-hop flow. You guys are forgetting he’s not the same as he was and he may never be. But, it sounds like he’s having fun on the record so kudos to him. But I find it hilarious that the second verse he’s making fun of all new rappers and how their raps are straight unlyrical and garbage at best. But Encore 2 material far from it, please listen to encore again, that is a period in time none of us fans wants to go back though again.

  • chode

    stop expecting so much

  • Scott Pringle

    Sounds dope. I dig it. I really hope there is no more Rhianna, Little Wayne, Drake or Akon bullshit on the album, that ain’t real. From the sound of this track it seems it will be a great album.

  • donster350

    Good energy its low shot to say he’s trying to stay relevant. Rap needs to quit being so dramatic and get back to the day when heavy beef was going on like the eminem and ja rule period

  • Realist

    This is sick! The detail, variation and nuance is incredible, The way he manages to use his voice is hugely impressive. If you don’t think this is good, try to rap along and get every word right, with the right tonality, inflection, delivery, pitch. This is a masterpiece. Plus cool he’s taking us back to the Beastie Boys (listen to their track Paul Revere) and Snoop. This is one of those songs that gets better the more you discover about it.

    • Isaac Marshall

      Its not like he rapped it word for word exactly how it sounds on the track… There was a shitload of editing involved.

      • Realist

        True. It needs to come out right for it to sound good after editing even though. The unedited vocals need to be done properly.

  • John m Detroit

    You youngsters have no idea , I would love to see the age of the ppl leaving these ridiculous comments, Rick rubin dominated the 80s , you probably don’t even know who billy squier is ! Took it old school and paying respect . Learn the history of hip hop bozos.

  • http://www.rapdose.com/ Kyle Fall


  • DeFront

    I like it, it sounds good to me. I don’t know why everyone was expecting so much from him, the guy is almost 40.

    • DeFront

      Apologies, I meant, he is 40.

    • Isaac Marshall

      Even if he is 40 that doesnt change how he should be rapping.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rsonic Rafael Vazquez

    Sounds like a Beastie Boys, 80’s tribute! awesome!!