Bow Wow Announces ‘Lottery Ticket 2’ Film

Bow Wow Announces 'Lottery Ticket 2' Film

Bow Wow will star in the sequel to his 2010 film Lottery Ticket. The rapper made the announcement on social media, saying that himself and Naturi Naughton are on board to reprise their roles as characters Kevin and Stacie. One actor who has yet to sign on to reprise his role? Ice Cube.

There isn’t a synopsis available for Lottery Ticket 2 yet, but it’s a mystery where this film will go, as the first film was centered around Bow Wow‘s character Kevin Caron surviving a 3-day weekend in the projects after winning the lottery worth $370 million.

bow wow lottery ticket 2

Lottery Ticket 2. Kevin & Stacie we all aboard for the sequel! Lets go Cube!

Ice Cube acted as a wise father figure for Kevin, Mr. Washington.

The first Lottery Ticket film had a production budget of $17 Million, and went on to have a lifetime gross of $24,719,879 at the box office. The film opened to $10,652,297 domestic.

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  • mw

    I like Bow Wow and Ice Cube but I think the first one sucked. So I definitely won’t be watching the sequel.

  • hamen@luvs@bowwow

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee bow wow sooooooo we alll know what the answer is…………………………………………

  • big nat

    to me this is just one of those movies that if you grow up in a place like where this movie is talking about you get it more if you don’t you might think is all bull and not really understand what the whole movie is about but for me I get it because I grew up in a place like this so it’s kind of a heartwarming to see that just how good somebody can do with some money if they do want to do it

  • NoDiggity

    I’d check it out because I play the lottery haha and the first one wasn’t too hot but it was alright not something I’d watch four-five times but I hope the 2nd one does good!