Creative Genius?: Kanye West Caught Jacking Young Creative Art

Creative Genius?: Kanye West Caught Jacking Young Creative Art

Have you seen Kanye West‘s Interview Magazine cover story? If not, check it out.

The cover story came complete with some weird yet excellent imagery, by photographer Steve Klein. The art is under fire tonight after creative is being questioned on social media. Two images in particular, look like blatant rip offs of young artist Unkle Luc…and this isn’t the first time DONDA‘s “creative genius” ripped off his work.

unkle luc photos jacked by kanye west

2 images above are by Unkle Luc from 2011 of Sydney In Theory.

kanye interview magazine unkle luc

Now for Interview’s first issue of 2014, Kanye West is looking very familiar. We’re assuming DONDA‘s directions here were “just add fire.”

Many will say this is a DMX‘s Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood cover art rip off, but it’s not the case here, considering this isn’t the first time Yeezus jacked Unkle Luc.


The Throne‘s “No Church In The Wild” music video released in 2012 featured a scene of an elephant in the streets. Before the release of the video, Luc had conversed with Kanye about his art via email. Luc emailed Ye some art, and one of the pieces from “The Wild” sent to him was of an elephant in front of a housing project. That shot from Luc‘s popular internet series The Wild is identical to what later showed up in the Jay-Z and Kanye West music video.

Shots in Kanye West‘s “Black Skinhead” music video released last year also resembles art from Unkle Luc‘s The Wild.

Kanye West Unkle Luc Black Skinhead

The Wild is also an EP of nature sounds, which leaves us questioning if Yeezus is a rip off all together.

Unkle Luc Kanye West Email 1

Unkle Luc shared with us some screenshots of his conversations with Kanye West about The Wild, which Yeezus called “amazing.”

Click the image to the left to read what Kanye West had to say about the art, which he later down the road jacked.

For more art by Unkle Luc, click here.

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    I can’t wait for an interview on these accusations, because we all know this is going to draw some severe temper out of Ye.

  • andeezy

    my nigga halo REACH came out a long time ago

  • rgyb

    Wait, is his email address “”?

    • Kyle Fall

      only one way to find out!

  • spreadeaglecrosstheblock

    What a terrible article.

  • lolwut

    this is such a reach lmao


    Dude.. So what. Stop making these dumb articles to try and make Kanye look bad. We could also make an article and say how bloggers rip eachother when it comes to website design. Just stick to posting songs, album reviews, performances etc. That’s what you guys started with. Such a dumb article this is man.. Grow up

    • Kyle Fall

      I’m a huge Kanye fan and I’m really surprised no one can see past this.If you ripped Ye off even a little how would he react? How did he react about CoinYe recently? Personal opinions of an artist have little or nothing to do with web design though.

  • Mushdagrt

    Looks like he definitely bit him…

    • Kyle Fall

      I’m a notorious Kanye stan and even I can see this one I don’t get the disbelief.

  • scottie

    Great read