50 Cent – Pilot (Snippet)

50 Cent - Pilot (Snippet)

50 Cent revealed the cover for “Pilot” last night and now we have a brief preview of the track which will land on Animal Ambition. The full version drops March 25th.

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  • Damian Reynolds

    ohh shit ..Hate will not help.#sound tuff

  • Handsome_Thug

    damn 50 , u hungry again #animalsambition

  • EricHeisenberg

    As one of the smartest individuals to comment via Diqus I have to admit, I was worried with his so called Club Friendly record he dropped the other day. But like SM stated with his consistency I am cured with this sample of Pilot. Encouraged and very optimistic of the sound of #AnimalAmbition

    • Kevin B

      That Dont Worry bout it song would’ve been good for like 2007 lol but this Pilot joint sound good he’s 3/4 so far which isnt bad he just need to stay consistent and he needs a radio record which im pretty sure thats why he saving the Trey Songz joint for closer to the album release

  • jasey

    this is confirmed hot

  • Junior Quiroz

    wow this nigga 50 using that flow too that shit is garbage everybody rapping the same what is this.

    • Ryder Gang

      You are Retarded

      • Junior Quiroz

        And you are a little nigga that grew up on all rappers emulating each other with no variety. the nigga eating shit aint gonna complain that the shit taste bad cause he never had no steak.

    • David Richards

      actually that’s 50 flow anyway go listen to him before he got shot

  • Junior Quiroz

    the “Hold On” song has a weak chorus but it actually sounds like 50.

    • FlightSchool Pree

      Then Go Listen To Chief week then

      • Junior Quiroz

        I dont listen to that garbage nigga. Im a Golden Era/Underground Hip Hop Head you can catch me listening to shit like Gang Starr & Nas to shit like Jedi Mind Tricks & Outerspace.