Kanye West New Album Snippets?

Kanye West New Album Snippets?

Several new snippets of an upcoming Kanye West song have found their way online, along with the track’s instrumental. On the unreleased track, Kanye raps about his daughter North West saying “her father is the black Bruce Wayne, only shorty in preschool rocking 2 Chainz,” which indicates the track is newly recorded material. Some are saying it could be material for his 7th studio album, while some say it’s a previously unreleased feature.

Listen to the snippets of the unheard track below, courtesy of The Coli.

Snippet 1 (Opening)

Snippet 2

Snippet 3

Snippet 4 (Instrumental)

Snippet 5 (Feature)

Real or fake, we’re excited to hear what Kanye West has in store for us next.

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  • Kingpingnigguh

    Yeeaaaahhhh nigguuuhh

  • 001

    who is the feat? the voice sounds like 2 chainz but the flow don’t.

    • BBG

      voice is noooothing like 2 chainz. And I’m glad to say that.

      It sounded a little bit like Nas, but it’s not Nas

      • Don

        Nas? Lmfao. Both couldn’t be farther off.

    • Jordan Schrock

      sounds like jon connor

    • Stephen Eklund

      Yeah sounds like Jon Connor.

  • dfdk

    honestly to me sounds like a cruel summer left over? idk i got the clique vibe from snippet 3 for some reason. maybe cruel winter is coming

    • Jordan McElderry

      I don’t think so because north wasn’t born when cruel summer was released

  • rookie

    Feature sounds kinda like Twista but that ain’t him for sure. Damn I didn’t even realise before that it’s so hard to recognise someone’s voice. It sounds familiar and that’s a fact.

  • drewskie

    To me it sounds too mainstream and straight forward to be anything he came up with recently. Have y’all heard Yeezus? There isn’t one radio friendly track on the album. And “God Level” doesn’t even have a chorus. This Bruce Wayne song seems out of place, that’s all I’m saying.

  • Huy Nguyen

    the feature sounds like big KRIT

  • YeezySeason

    is that King Los in the feature?