Kanye West – Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet)

Kanye West - Black Bruce Wayne (Snippet)

Another snippet of a yet to be released Kanye West track has found it’s way online. The track is titled “Black Bruce Wayne” and is rumored to feature 2 Chainz as well as a G.O.O.D. Music newcomer. Take a listen to the snippet below, courtesy of KTT.

Some say the track will appear on Kanye‘s upcoming album, some say otherwise, but one things for sure…we can’t wait to hear it in full.

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  • koegnac

    Yeezy Season Approachin’ …

  • Colton P

    Yeezy’s next album is going to be crazyyyy if this is the sound he’s rolling with. Sounds like old Ye mixed with his new production. Love it

  • Mr. HD Gainz

    Sounds like some garbage mxtape track for some average rapper.

    • Jnehh

      shut the fuck up

      • Mr. HD Gainz

        No YOU shut the fuck up. You wanna fight me?

        • FUCKYOU101


        • Polo Bucket Hat

          fight you puss

  • Jnehh

    I love this!!! Can’t wait for the whole track

  • Niggas Get Shot Everyday, B

    KTT with that exclusive


  • Devon Henderson

    Kanye needs medication strong medication. Its starting to affecting his music

    • Jerome Antwi

      that was shit.

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    fuck kanye for people pleasing. this shit wack as hell

  • Stephen Eklund

    Cruel Winter or Yeezus 2?
    We’ll see.

    • Stephen Eklund

      I was just real excited for Cruel Winter.
      I won’t let it go.

  • Andy

    Sounds class, Yeezus was an outstanding album, a true work of real art.