Rap Dose Promotional Packages

Need to promote your new song, video, or mixtape but don’t want to break the bank and go over budget wasting your money with websites that are notorious for providing fake views and listens? Then a RapDose.com Sponsored Post is perfect for you.

Rap Dose Sponsored Posts

What’s a Rap Dose Sponsored post?

A Rap Dose Sponsored Post is your content simply posted on one of the internet’s best up and coming Rap and Urban Entertainment websites, RapDose.com. No fake plays. No fake listens. Just real engagement, for real growth.

$150 Standard Sponsored Post = Your content posted on RapDose.com. We’ll showcase your content to our users and it’s up to them to engage with it. If you believe in what you’re promoting, and our users believe in it too, we’re sure you’ll see positive results.

$175 Standard Sponsored Post + Twitter Feature = Everything you get with our Standard Sponsored Post but with a little social push. We’ll share your RapDose.com link on our Twitter account, complete with a mention of your @username. Basically we’ll promote your content and Twitter profile at the same damn time.

$175 Standard Sponsored Post + Facebook Feature = Much like our Twitter feature, our Facebook Feature is your Standard Sponsored Post, but instead of Twitter, we’ll push your content through Facebook. We’ll share your RapDose.com link on our official Facebook Page, complete with a mention of your Facebook Page.

$200 Standard Sponsored Post + Twitter & Facebook Feature = Your content will get the best social push possible. This package includes a Standard Sponsored Post, with both our Twitter and Facebook features.

What Rap Dose Sponsored Post option is right for you? Order below.

Sponsored Post Options
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All sales are final and your content is guaranteed to be posted within 24 hours after purchase, unless you want it featured at a later date. We can set up a time of posting via E-Mail.

It is important you provide us with your correct E-Mail address when you make your order. After your purchase, we will E-Mail you within 24 hours or less asking for more details about what you need featured on your Rap Dose Sponsored Post. Be prepared to provide us with images, and or audio visual content, social media profile links and any information of value we may need for your specific content.

More Promotional Packages available, including site re-skins/takeovers, banner advertisements, and more. Contact us with your budget.