This past weekend, 2 Chainz treated the crowd to an action packed live performance at Birthday Bash 18 in Atlanta. After his set he spoke with MTV backstage about his new album Based On A T.R.U. Story 2: Me Time, what the title means and what to expect from the project. He also talked about his new single “Feds Watching” with Pharrell. Look for the new album September 10th via Def Jam Records.

“Me Time has multiple meanings. I feel like my music actually gives people a sense of going away sometimes — without really going on vacation. I feel like when people listen to me, they feel like they’re goin’ somewhere, taking time off; they’re relaxing, lettin’ their hair down. Every time somebody wants to have some ‘me time’ or whatever, this is the type of vibe, this is the type of project [to listen to]. I’m putting together different sounds to make people be like, ‘This is about me. Me and my people, this is our time.”