Footage from the 2 Chainz robbery which happened over the weekend in San Francisco has surfaced. The clip proves that he was in fact robbed at gun point and shots were fired. He spoke on the incident via social media and insists that he wasn’t shot at nor robbed, and isn’t cooperating with police, but it turns out he has been doing some lying. For what reason? Who knows. The rapper possibly wants to kill the subject and keep his street cred but is lying about this necessary?

According to the police report, 2 Chainz was robbed for his wallet and cell phone. No word on if he actually lost his jewelery or not, as previous reports claimed.

2 Chainz had a run in with the law yesterday and was arrested over illegal possession of marijuana at LAX. He was later released.

The artist formerly known as Tity Boi is currently promoting his new single “Feds Watching,” and will release his sophomore album in September. On the track’s chorus, he raps that he’s going to be fresh if the feds are watching. Well, they are, and in this case 2 Chainz isn’t looking too fresh.

Watch the clip of 2 Chainz and his entourage running from a gunman who eventually catches up with them and successfully makes away with the rapper’s valuables after the break. For those who missed out on the original robbery story read here.

Source: TMZ