If you follow hairweavekiller aka 2 Chainz on Instagram you’re no stranger to his healthy eating habit. That being said, we’re still pretty surprised by his next move, to release a cookbook called #MEALTIME alongside his upcoming B.O.A.T.S. II: ME Time album. The project, set to drop September 10th, will feature 14 recipes (one for each song on the album). They will, for the most part, be healthy alternatives and meals that 2 Chainz himself likes to eat, think turkey, fish and seafood over heavier proteins. The best part of the cookbook has to be the instructions. 2 Chainz advises what to wear to prepare each meal – sometimes it’s an Adidas track suit and sometimes it’s an Alexander Wang tee – as well as which song to play to get in mood. Hopefully, this will have more of you cooking up in the kitchen.

See the cookbook below.