Kanye West Collaborations With Migos, Young Thug, and ASAP Rocky Surface

Kanye West is going to be upset about this. Early Sunday (June 4th), 2 new Kanye West songs leaked online prematurely. The first leak is a song titled “Hold Tight” featuring Migos and Young Thug. The second features ASAP Rocky and is titled “Euro (Switch Hands).” Kanye West raps about acting like he’s white on the first leak. The content shouldn’t be a surprise, as Kanye is a Trump supporter.


Both tracks are new to our ears but are likely scrapped recordings from Yeezy’s Turbo Grfx 16 sessions. The songs found their way online via a music collective calling themselves Music Mafia. The same group is responsible for the hack of Drake’s Twitter account over the weekend. Music Mafia set up a website where visitors can donate via Bitcoin to unlock never before heard tracks. “Hold Tight” and “Euro” are a result of the site. Chris Brown recently suffered a similar leak that found 46 of his unmastered songs online.

Kanye West is hard at work on a new album and is said to be secluded in Wyoming. Stay tuned to Rap Dose for any updates on Kanye West and what he’s got coming. Let’s hope what’s to come is better than these leaks. They’re pretty bad.