It definitely isn’t as easy to make it in the rap game as a female artist. Yes there are the Nicki Minaj‘s , Lil Kim‘s and M.I.A.‘s of the world, but it seems most female rappers success comes from pop driven singles. In this article I present to you five women that spit harder than the majority of male rappers,  don’t have songs that sound like “Starships” , and deserve your attention as artists of the fairer gender often fly under the radar. Hit the jump to check out 5 Female Rappers You Shouldn’t Sleep On.

5. Nitty Scott, MC

Nitzia Scott, better known as Nitty Scott, MC describes herself as “Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York”.  Although she was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to her Puerto-Rican mother and New Orleans-born African-American  father, Nitty grew up in Florida before moving to Brooklyn at the age of 17. She’s been called “The Female J.Cole” and is repeatedly compared to Nicki Minaj (neither of which I see) but only one thing is for certain. You should definitely keep your eye on Nitty Scott, MC . The video below for “Bullsh*t Rap” is from Nitty’s Doobies x Popsicle sticks mixtape which is available on iTunes now.

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