Last night a video began shooting in Detroit for a new 50 Cent song featuring Eminem. The shoot began at Michigan Grand Central (an abandoned train station) and later moved to a location in Corktown between an abandoned pawn shop and the Gaelic League on Michigan Ave. Throughout filming a helicopter with a spotlight was seen hovering over the locations. At 7:30 AM this morning filming for the music video was still taking place.

“They soaked the road and had a spotlight on that area. From my window (loft above Astro Coffee), I couldn’t see Eminem or 50, but I can say that the chopper continuously hovered over our building during that time.”

50 Cent recently spoke about his new Street King Immortal single produced by Symbolyc One (known for Kanye West‘s “Power“) titled “My Life,” but wouldn’t reveal who was featured on the song. This has led many to believe the video being shot with Eminem is for “My Life,” 50‘s new SKI single.

Update: It has been confirmed the video is for “My Life.”

Photos and tweets from the set after the jump.

Curbed Detroit