While speaking with MTV, 50 Cent announced that G-Unit will be releasing a new mixtape before their highly anticipated reunion album drops in November.

“You’ll see a mixtape come out before [the album],” he explained. “The material that you see us putting out, it’s just getting back to the way we did it from the very beginning. We’re gonna start over and work like we need a record deal.”

“But while we’re putting out that music, we’re making the coolest original content and letting that be there for the actual album.”

“We’re still trying to find the song that defines the record and then we’ll be able to work off that record,” he said. “The formula we used to make albums in the past [is] I’d actually come up with one joint, one song that kinda felt like, ‘This is what the record should be like,’ and then sequence the rest of the record to follow that.”

“We’ve got some interesting stuff already, [and] it doesn’t take long because having that many moving parts, creatively everybody kinda keeps up with each other.”