Not Everything Is A Joke

Rapper and Instagram funnyman 50 Cent is the butt of the joke this week after uploading a video of an autistic kid at an airport to his account. In the video 50 Cent records a kid who is just doing his job and judges him for looking high. Turns out the kid isn’t high at all in the clip. In fact, he just has autism and a social anxiety disorder.

The clip hit 50’s Instagram account over the weekend and shortly after it was revealed who the kid actually is in his Instagram comments, 50 removed the video. But, that hasn’t stopped the clip from being re-uploaded all over the internet for the entire world to see 50 Cent act like a massive asshole and mock a kid who just doesn’t deserve it.

The kid in the clip above is Andrew Farrell. He’s 19 years old and works as a janitor at a Cincinnati airport. His parents aren’t happy with their son going viral and being made to look like a fool. According to Gossip Cop, the family has already hired a lawyer and plan to sue 50 Cent for Andrew’s humiliation. The family reportedly wants $1 Million from 50 for the damage he caused and want him to offer a face-to-face apology to Andrew.

Andrew Farrell‘s family has also done an interview about this mess.

andrew kramer

But that’s not all. Stores have also decided to begin boycotting 50’s Effen Vodka after the video went viral. Damn, homie.