Diddy says what happened between him and J. Cole was just a friendly argument, while J. Cole is pretending nothing happened, but did something really happen the other day between J. Cole and Diddy at a VMA rooftop After party? Nobody truly knows, unless they were there, but 50 Cent decided to comment on the situation on his Instagram account.

50 uploaded one of Puffy‘s softest images he could find and captioned it with claims of J. Cole calling Diddy “sweetheart” and telling him to STFU.

Check out the picture 50 uploaded to Instagram below.

50 Cent Diddy J. Cole

50 Cent comments on Diddy and J. Cole’s rumored altercation

“Anybody see Puffy? A ni**a just told me J. Cole told him “Shut the f*ck up, Sweetheart!”

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