Vodka beef.

After Diddy mailed 50 Cent a lifetime supply of his Ciroc vodka, 50 retaliated by having a few boxes of his own Effen vodka delivered to Diddy during an appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club with a note that said “lets be friends”. Diddy wasn’t hurt by the gesture and said it’s all love explaining there are no real issues between him and 50. He said he’s just happy another black man has gotten into the same business as him when questioned about 50‘s endless shots at Diddy on his Instagram account. Diddy also made himself appear to be bigger than 50, explaining that he was able to mail 50 and endless supply of his Vodka, while 50‘s operation is smaller and could only mail a small number of bottles.

Diddy On The Breakfast Club

Today the Instagram shots continued as 50 dissed Puffy‘s Finna Get Loose” single comparing it to an African chant. Watch the video 50 posted to his IG below.