50 Cent is fed up with Floyd Mayweather.

50 Cent woke up bright and early this morning to respond to some negative things Floyd Mayweather said about him in an interview with MLive. In case you missed it, this is what Floyd Mayweather said about T.I., Nelly, and Floyd Mayweather that has 50 Cent reacting:

Rappers Nelly, 50 Cent and T.I. all have chided Mayweather since the pound-for-pound king’s last fight — in interviews, via social media, and in person — primarily over who’s dating whom, and if so why.

“I don’t really focus on nothing like that,” Mayweather said. “I’m relevant. I’m relevant. My life is the (expletive). I’m something to talk about.”

“What’s so crazy is this: You know, when people are not relevant, and they’re not moving units like they were once moving … you’ve got to realize, I’ve been relevant for 18 years,” Mayweather said.

Piggybacking his name is what hip-hop artists seek when confronting him, he added.

“God has blessed me with an unbelievable talent, with fast feet, fast hands, unbelievable defense and a very, very sharp mind. So I’m thankful for that. Of course, hip-hop artists, they come and go. They come and go. But I’m still here,” Mayweather said.

Making things a little humorous, 50 joked once again about Nelly taking Floyd‘s girl, and gave Floyd Mayweather the middle finger. This is how 50 Cent reacted on Instagram:

I just woke up, Floyd you know better. Don’t get me started. You paid a private investigator to find Miss J. You love her man, and Nelly took her. LMAO the nigga swooped down like a bird outta the sky. He to tall champ, you can’t you win. Lol. -50 Cent

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