It’s not unusual for footage from popular Hip Hop act’s album listening sessions to hit the internet, but when they do the clips usually feature a reaction from the media personnel and other listeners in attendance in the zone, feeling the music they are listening to and naturally vibing out, finding themselves lost in the music—bobbing their heads to the sound of yet to be released tunes from an artist they enjoy enough to show up and support.

So what happened when 50 Cent recently held a listening session in conjunction with 106KMEL in California for his July 3rd release 5: Murder By Numbers which he says does not have his label’s support? The complete opposite.

In a couple of videos which surfaced from 50 Cent‘s recent 5: Murder By Numbers listening session, the listeners in attendance are visually not reacting to 50 Cent‘s new music and if you yourself listen to the tracks being played tentatively titled “Be My B*tch” featuring Nicole Scherzinger and the solo cut “Definition of Sexy”, can you blame them?

This isn’t sounding good at all. These listening session videos are looking more like footage of an open casket funeral. Where are the yes men when you need them? A yes man or two had to have been in the studio with 50 when he was recording these songs. Ha.

Watch another video from 50 Cent‘s listening session after the break and hear another snippet from 5: Murder By Numbers titled “Roll Sh*t, Smoke Sh*t” featuring Kidd Kidd.

“Definition Of Sexy”

“Roll Sh*t, Smoke Sh*t”