In an interview with Huffington Post, 50 Cent revealed some plans for what he’s about to release musically. Come January the man who pioneered the new era of Hip Hop will be releasing a new project, but it unfortunately will not be his long awaited Street King Immortal album. 50 is also staying clear of calling the project a mixtape. Instead he’s referring to the music coming out in January as a “full body of work.”

Unfortunately, there is no word on the album release yet, but Jackson said he plans to put out a full body of work in January. While he did not label it as an album, he stated that it was more than a mixtape, and that it includes all original material. As to the sound of the release, he said he was “inspired in a whole other direction.”

50 has been teasing new music dubbed “Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win” on his Instagram account accompanied by lackluster artwork. Many assumed Fif was teasing a new song, but maybe it’s the title of his project dropping in January? Stay tuned.

50 Cent Animal Ambition An Untamed Desire To Win

Is this artwork for 50 Cent’s new project dropping in January?