50 Cent spent one month as a life coach for GQ‘s Zach Baron, and everything is documented in the June issue of GQ on Newsstands now. In the issue 50 talks about relationships, family, friends, and more. 50 says he doesn’t have a relationship with his son anymore while blaming the mother, calls Diddy a sucker, and even says he feels he was paying Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to be friends.

50 Cent spent one month as a life coach for GQ’s Zach baron.

For years now, the man who wrote Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has been getting very rich indeed—off record sales, energy drinks, self-help books, exercise routines, headphones, you name it. 50 Cent is healthier than you and wealthier than you, but he also believes you can get there, too, if you follow his advice. So, GQ’s Zach Baron spent a month as the hip-hop mogul’s prized pupil, making vision boards, hitting the gym, and reorienting his consciousness, to see if he could get a little bit more like 50. Excerpts below:

On relationships:

“I think friendship is the strongest form of relationship. Don’t ever forget to be friends. And you be conscious. Because there’s a point that your friendship would develop that it has so much value that it would become priceless. And at that point, you should consider marriage.”

On his family:

“Me and my son, we don’t have a relationship anymore. It’s based on his mom. He’s adopted her way of thinking. I don’t have anything negative around the concept of kids.”

On why he left Interscope:

“When people couldn’t care less about you actually being successful, you can feel it.”

On Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo:

“I enabled these guys. I wouldn’t have been a friend if I didn’t help them. But helping them hurt them. Maybe I was paying them to be friends.”

On Puffy:

“He’s a sucker”

On being a life coach:

“I like the life-coach concept—it’s a cool concept. But my life’s not all the way right. To be coaching someone else, all I can do is give you the things that I would use. You see what I’m saying? We all have imperfections, man. We all have things that are not right.”

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Photo Credit: Chris Buck