50 Cent has been promoting a new app he’s involved with called Hang W/. The app allows users to live stream themselves to others and digitally “hang out” with viewers. 50 Cent made use of the app last night by breaking out a strobe light and performing several new songs for his fans.

The new music he performed doesn’t sound too impressive, in fact, it sounds very repetitive and lackluster. The lyrics come off uninspired and boring, and the beats sound like they were purchased straight off of the Soundclick page of an entry level Garage Band user.

Recorded clips from 50‘s broadcast were shared online and the videos are still worthy of watching for the hilarity that is 50 Cent dancing around in front of a strobe light. If only the music was this entertaining.

The music 50 performed may or may not appear on his long delayed album Street King Immortal. Let’s hope for better from the project.

UPDATE: Apparently 50 knows the music is no good too. Several Twitter users who tuned in to watch the live broadcast say that 50 said the songs he played weren’t important to him.

UPDATE 2: The videos have been removed.